A Moment of Silence

When every hope we save seems falling apart and we don’t want to be tossed again to the moment of despair, a re-routing is a best recourse. And when everything in our surrounding is a little noisy and messy, a temporary silence becomes a necessity.

Pain is pesky, but rejection is more dangerous. It disintegrates self-esteem. It’s impact is so sickening that we wished it could be avoided. But somewhere along this journey, we would come to realize that it is inevitable to encounter that pesky, dangerous thing. It’s part of the package of being human and anyone who don’t recognize it never actually live at all.

But I’ll be a stupid fool if I would say we must push ourselves into it to experience life to the fullest, that we must enjoy its torturing nature to understand what’s going on in the environment, it’s still one thing in life that we hope can be abated by all means. But if  it is already there, let’s face it courageously and transform its negative impact into positive. Moping won’t help anything.

It is through pain and rejection that we become more acquainted with our real selves, who we are, our strength, our potential, the energy that flows and the effort to overcome the ordeal.

In life, we always have that specific concept of living beautifully, we always have that kind of notion how we would spend the rest of our lives in harmony, who we want to be with, where we want to go, what we want to do. But oftentimes, it never ended the way we want it to be, it’s not that life is hostile or circumstances are cruel, but it is just how life revolved in the planet. Soon, we would come to realize that not everything we dreamed can be given, not every wish we cultivated can be accorded, it’s not a mystery of mankind, it is just how destiny rolled.

So what are we gonna do with it? Obviously, we don’t need to spend the whole afternoon beside the window of our bedroom agonizing over why someone had dump us, why the earth suddenly appeared obscure and why the rotation of the universe seemed misaligned. Of course we must find ways to understand the little phenomenon called hurt that hits our horizon and do something to prevent it from damaging the entire veins in our body system.

Sometimes a little silence is what we needed to sort out everything, process thoroughly that pesky dangerous thing, understand its causes and keep moving on with life. 

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