Beautiful Weekend

I say it's beautiful because today, November 30, is a holiday and I can finally relax for two straight days.

I travelled with my sister yesterday from Manila for Caloocan via FX, and the travel took 3 hours and 30 minutes due to heavy traffic! Soooo tiring!!

Unfortunately, we're not able to visit Tagaytay as what I planned earlier this month. My sister has another itinerary today so I have no choice but to stay in the house with the cats, ngork!! To amuse myself and enjoy the weekend, I went out this morning to do some grocery and bought different kinds of fresh milk hahaha!

The three kinds of fresh milk I bought in the supermarket hehe! Oaties Milk (so creamy and refreshing), Anlene (yummy) and my all-time favorite Vitamilk (very healthy and satisfying) Cream roll mango flavor is another bread variety from Gardenia but honestly I don't like the taste hehe! I normally drink Pineapple juice in a week.

I want to get rid of stress so I decided to drink lots of fresh milk. I also bought fruits and carrots. for lunch. Every weekend I aim to eat healthy meals because during weekdays at work in Manila I eat nothing but unhealthy stuff  arghhhh!

I also bought and cooked foods for Kitties! Oh I love this responsibility, feeding and taking care of cats, it relaxes me and provides some brush of fulfillment. Thank God they are well and energetic, they played all day. I often buy them ascorbic acid to keep them healthy. 

Oh yes!!! Kitties are well and okay and they're back playing and having fun
around the house! Cotton's eyes are okay and Asi finally stopped sneezing
so happy to see them well again!

The eyes of Cotton are okay and Asi finally stopped sneezing, so nice to see them run around the house and sat in my lap.

Oh, and I love the weather right now in Caloocan, it's cloudy and cold! Christmas is in the air. The soft breeze in the morning is soothing and I love the slight rain shower hehe!

I spent the rest of the day watching DVD ^_____^

In a few hours, I'll be traveling back to Manila for work and I hate it, it's terribly agonizing, but on the other hand, I am happy to be blessed with this kind of job, felt lucky anyway.

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