Just Live!

 I love uttering this phrase: Just Live!It resonates peaceful feeling and positive vibration.

Recently, I came across with Ricardo Williams' blog on Life is Ephemeral and he mentioned these two magical words that's so meaningful to everyone, Just Live!! 

I do agree with him when he said "We spend so much time wondering about the unknown, delaying our decision for the best available time, refraining from choices because the situation is not perfect"...

Yes, we've been so wrapped up with thoughts of the future, the worries of what ifs and all the might-have-beens and the fears that never actually happen, we're so idealistic with how everything should be done and accomplished and if it revolves on the opposite side of the road or in a way we never dreamed it should be, we're so disappointed, bitterly complaining why it turned badly, we forget that life is a journey and each step we take entails lots of hurdles that must be overcome, battles that must be conquered, experiences and lessons that must be appreciated and learned.

I figured, life is not just about daily routines or seeking the thrill of whatever adventure we think at the moment, it's more on how we appreciate the things around and how we align it with our faith and belief. It's more meaningful and enduring than based it on routine and unrealistic dreams.

We cannot dictate the axis of the earth nor the movement of the society, we cannot recreate the history of time and rewrite our destiny, so the best thing to do to maintain sanity is to live life today as if it is our last, after all life is happening now and not tomorrow or in the future.

We must learn to identify what we really want, embrace it and develop a close relationship with God. It's only through Him that we find true meaning and fulfillment.

And one thing: Don't wait another day to cross the ocean to fulfill a much-desired hobby, passion and interests, discover it now and explore the possibilities of realizing it.So Just Live!!Discard worries and enjoy life at the moment.

"Challenges are what make life interesting and 
overcoming them are what makes life meaninful"
-Joshua J. Marine

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