Addicted to Random Questions :=)

Believe me, if there's one thing very common among bloggers in the world it's answering random question!

Why is that so? Well, maybe because it's one way of breaking the monotone of writing hardcore topics and thinking what to post.

Being a blogger is always fun, it's ultra fulfilling and it always saves me from being morose and bored. I write every chance I got to get me through the day, it helps me relax and comes out the best in me. I can confide my inner most feelings, I can share my views, I can freely talk when there's no one to listen, it invigorates my tired mind. 

But sometimes a blank space hits my horizon...I get tired thinking what topic to write that is so worthy to share to the world so a writer's block made its way to my system (I guess this is also common among bloggers) so much so that I need some tender moments to unwind and contemplate, and answering random questions is a perfect diversion to get back to my poetic sense.

So here, after doing another round of blogwalking, I found another funny, corny, silly, weird and of course serious set of random questions.

Okay, here we go....

Single or Attached?
Single (Gosh! This is not funny anymore)

Currently dating someone?
Nope (Waaaah!)

When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday. I was just disappointed towards something so I called up my mother and talked and everytime I confide something emotional to her I would reduce to tears :-(

You are not a true-blooded blogger if you?
Don't answer random questions haha!

Have you ever been drunk?
No. I never drink alcoholic beverages, not even beer, in my life.

Do you smoke?
Hell no! I hate smoking, it's a major turn off.

How old were you when you have your first romantic kiss?
Gosh! Never done that. I've never been into a romantic relationship ever since so naturally I have no romantic kiss hehe!

If someone asks you out, where would you want to go, movie or bar?
Movie. I hate bar and disco houses. I better watch good movies :-)

Your idea of a perfect date
Walk on a beach or take a roadtrip in the countryside, marvel at nature and have a long conversation over food!

Have you ever had an online relationship?
No! I find it ridiculous and a total waste of time. I would rather read books than talk to someone I never see or meet in person. It's like talking to a ghost.

If you could go anywhere for a grand vacation of a lifetime where would it be and why?
Europe!It has been my ultimate dream to travel to Europe, such a fascinating and historical continent. Lots to discover and see. The castles, the palaces, the culture, the food and interesting languages. I want to walk around the ruins of ancient structures and perhaps visit their museums and write a book about my journey and discovery.

Name at least three things you want to receive this Christmas
1. Chanel double C dropped earrings
2. Pump shoes (nude or black)
3. Wrist watch

Name at least three Christmas songs you love to hear
1. Someday at Christmas
2. Jingle Bell Rock
3. Merry Christmas Polka

If you could go back in time to one point in your life what would it be?
My childhood years in the province. I had the best years of my life when I was still a kid. Everything was so amazing and wonderful then. I had a very happy childhood. Christmas time was the merriest. Lots of food in the table! Then after Christmas eve mass, I and my playmates would roam around the neighbourhood and did carolling until the early dawn, we enjoyed the kakanin given to us and would sit at the seaside, eating the kakanin and waiting for the morning sunshine to come.

What one toy would you like to repeatedly throw at a brick wall?
Sponge bob!Ewww, I find it very ugly and undesirable to look at and what's with those big front teeth?

What is one thing a woman should never do?
Smoke! It slowly kills healthy body cells and contributes to birth defects. Drinking alcoholic beverages is also bad for women because it is depressant, it slows the function of the central nervous system and blocks oxygen from entering the brain. Smoking and drinking are culprits of premature aging and chronic illnesses.

Who would you hate seeing naked?
No idea, I never think about nakedness too much hahahaa!

What are you most guilty of?
Procrastinating my plan to edit my Smart Quiz manuscript and resubmit to publications.

What will you up tonight?
Editing my Smart Quiz manuscript haha! And definitely watch Who wants to be a Millionaire

Favorite brand of clothing to shop?
None in particular. I just buy whatever comfortable and affordable clothes I find. But when several brands have the same prices, I often chose Zara. It's a Spanish fashion brand owned by Amancio Ortega and I like its style and cut, very feminine.

Favorite escape?
Roadtrip to a countryside, visit a mountain resort or a beach resort and eat and eat hehe!

Tell us what you "love to"
I love to write, I love to read, I love to talk, I love to discover, I love to travel, I love to care for a person I considered special.

Do you make wishes to a shooting star?
Yes. Hahaha!

What do you often wish?
Good and loving husband, kids, writing career.

Do you daydream?
Yes, most of the time. I love the idea of visualizing my future hehe!

What's your dream last night?
Hahaha!Sooo weird!! I dreamed about Prince William and his commoner wife, Kate, we're in Boracay, I took pictures of them. Then I went outside and found a military helicopter (Prince William is a search-and-rescue operation pilot in the Royal Airforce), I jumped aboard and found Prince William there, he took the chopper to the sky and toured me around Boracay wahahahhaha!I laughed when I woke up with that dream.

Grab the book nearest to you and turn to page 18, find line 4, what is it?
Steve Jobs' biography by Walter Isaacson. Page 18, line 4:  "Out in the back, near the bay, they had a fenced-in area with things like Polaris Submarine interiors that had been ripped and sold for salvage".

Name at least three favorite books you love to read over and over again
1. Battle of Britain
2. Steve Jobs' biography
3. The Royal Duty

Have you eaten a crayon?
Haha!No of course not, when I was still a child my parents took pains in taking care of me and my siblings and made sure nothing weird went to our mouth hehe!

Is there anything Pink within 10 feet from where you are sitting now?
Yes. The tupperware in our dining table!

When was the last time you see a cemetery?
Two months ago! When the car I was riding with some friends passed by at The Heritage Park (but not sure if it was American Cemetery in Tagui) :-D

Are you hot?
Literally no. In fact I am chilling because the environment is so cold, there's a heavy downpour right now, but I love this kind of weather because I don't have to endure the agonizing high rising temperature in the metropolis. Cold weather helps me relax too.

Are you a hottie?
Hahaha! So silly and funny. Not sure. All I know is that I am modest and simple :-D

Do you collect anything?
I don't remember collecting anything recently. Angel figurines back then but I stopped the habit because it's a waste of money, figurines easily break.

If you could bring someone famous back from the grave who would it be and why?
Definitely Steve Jobs. The world needs him, his visionary and innovative skills are still unmatched. He changed the world of communication and helped improved our lives better with the way he innovate technology gadgets.

Does your Facebook account public?
No! Very private, in fact nobody can search me publicly unless we have common friends. I customized everything, from timeline, status, tags and photos. I grouped my friends according to a specific list. I am afraid my personal details might be abused if I will go public.

To what would you like to devote more time?
Motherhood!It's a lifetime career and a fulfilling job. Hope I can still realize it hehehe!

What is the greatest pain you have ever suffered?
Being rejected and humiliated, some years back, but I finally moved on and gotten over it completely. I felt vindicated naman :-)

Do you stalk someone in Facebook?
Yes. Before. Wahahahhaha!But now I just mind my own profile and read updates only from feeds.

Do you have a mix of foreign ethnicity in your blood?
Yes. A little. According to my maternal grandmother, her parents had Chinese and Spanish blood.

What happen if Batman will get married?
He will have bat babies haha!

If you think money cannot buy happiness?
Then you don't know where to shop hehe!

Have you in a newspaper?
Yes. Back in 2010 when I participated the Women Empowerment Seminar-Workshop sponsored by the Davao Bloggers Community. The event was covered by Sunstar Davao, a local newspaper. The following morning, we're in the newspaper wheew!

Tell us your lifestyle
I seldom stay late at night, as much as possible I want to sleep early to keep my skin and body healthy and hydrated. I rarely eat chocolates but even then I just eat a little amount, I minimize consuming sweet foods. I take coffee in moderation but I love green tea! I don't drink softdrinks that much, I cut on meat and salty stuff. I followed a Mediterranean Diet.

Restaurant you frequently visited
Back in Davao, I always dined at Mandarin. I like oriental cuisine when I am super hungry.

Dreamed Weekend Getaway and your idea of a total relaxation?
Weekend stay at Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay, eat and walk around the area. Visit a facial center and have a collagen facial mask. I love to undergo a Swedish massage too.

If given a chance to go on a quick holiday, place nearer to your area, where would you go?
Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay or The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, Batangas. It's closer to nature. So relaxing and cool! The Farm is a little bit expensive so maybe I'll choose Sonya's hehe!

If the answer is "blowing in the wind" then what is the question?
Where did your feelings gone toward someone you once held dear? "-P

Which came first, chicken or egg?
Oh, I want an original answer for this question---okay, first there was God, He made all things beautiful, He created the world, the man and the woman and the animals including pest, lizards and the likes, since egg is neither of the above, God created chicken first then He allowed it to lay eggs afterwards lol!

Are you into sports?
No. I was quite lazy when I was growing up so I did not entertain thoughts of engaging into sports because it requires so much energy and physical training. But now I want to engage into it for the sake of physical fitness and so that I have something to answer if I encounter this kind of question in the years to come haha! I'll take Bandminton or Lawn Tennis, these sports are kinda perfect because it allows people to run and sway arms, good to shed extra pounds. ^______^

Questions asked by people that you find very annoying
Why you did not get married, why you have no boyfriend? Sooooo annoying and irritating! Of course obviously I am not God, I did not hold the movement of the earth in my palm and no control to the sequence of events in the environment so I have no idea why boys did not dash towards me. Every time someone badgered me with that question. I sighed in desperation and muttered silently "Why this person was absent when God spread common sense?

Okay, folks try answering these random questions too and find out if we shared the same level of amusement hehe! Until next random questions session!! ^______^

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