Skin Allergy!!

Not sure if this is skin allergy or measles or what but I felt very uncomfortable with the itchiness all over my skin!It gave me so much anxiety!!Huhu...

 Red spots in some parts of my legs and arms!

The rashes started appearing last night but I did not mind it because I thought it was just mosquito bites but just this afternoon, so many red spots showed in every part of my body. I got so scared because of my constant fear of catching bacteria that trigger a life threatening disease!!

I told my sister to accompany me to the clinic for check up but her usual behavior of hostility and her cynical answer disappointed me so I pulled a mat instead and dosed to sleep.

I took medicine--anti-skin allergy--a while ago, hope the rashes will subside, I don't want to see my skin ravaged by red spots tomorrow Lord please help me!!

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