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Got so scared yesterday when I noticed some red dots suddenly appeared around my legs and arms. Now I am pissed off, it's so annoying!! The rashes seemed getting worst, I already took some medicine. God what's this???  My muscles and joints are also throbbing badly :-(

So to relax my mind and dart my thoughts away from fears and worries, I did some blogwalking, this is not the perfect time to read books, I am not in the right mood to flip pages, I surf the net intensely then came across with random questions post. Since I am desperately looking for something to amuse me, I decided to entertain myself with out-of-nowhere stuff hehe...

Here, I gamely answered some of those questions...

What is your IQ?
120 since the last time I took the IQ test J

Your Religion?
I am a devoted Roman Catholic

Who is your greatest crush? What attracted you most in him?
Rep. Lino Cayetano. His sleepy eyes and being smart and intelligent. 

What part(s) of the body of a guy you are easily attracted?
Eyes. I find it very poetic. It goes to the soul :-D

Signs that show you are attracted to a guy?
Hmmm...I would love talking to him and letting him feel I cared a lot....cheesyyyyyy!!!

You feel "weak" when you see someone
Staring and smiling and the eyes seem lurking. Yaaay!

It's Love when?
The shoe fits perfectly...hehehe!There's some truth about the tale of Cinderella...it's Love when everything is just right and comfortable...

Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yes. At least once. But don't get me wrong, we're not in a relationship, not the traditional one, we'd this special kind of friendship, you know that sort of thing. But he chose another girl and it badly broke my heart. I was able to get over with it anyway and moved on with my life. I accepted the fact that I was not his type and could never love me.

Define Love...
Love is a decision, not just feelings. We should not act right away what we feel but find the balance first by weighing the possible effect of our choice and decision. Falling in love with just the idea of being in love is always dangerous :-)

Name something you do that you don't dare doing in front of others.
I sing!!Hahahaha....so far none of my friends witness me doing such thing, but I really sing privately.hehe!

Your favorite songs to sing?
I love Fra Lippo Lippi songs: Later, Angel and Stitches and Burns. Another favorite song is Robbie William's She's The One.

Do you have any strange phobias?
Rats. Heights. Guns hehehe!I am terrified with the sounds of guns, but I love reading books about wars and military operations haha!So strange!!!

Think of a guy you find extremely attractive and hot? Why?
Prince Harry of Wales. He is a natural charmer and aside from being a royal he is a captain in the British army, an Apache helicopter pilot, he cared a lot about the less fortunate, he is a patron of several charities and very athletic, me gosh, sooooo hot!!!

What was the school you last attended?
Ateneo de Davao University where I obtained my masters degree in business administration.

What do you fear most about death?
Being stab or shoot or hit by a car. I am scared also of being drown and raped waaaah!

Do you like music?
Yes. A lot!!!Listening to music is soooo relieving!

Mention at least 5 songs you'd love to hear
Beautiful in my Eyes, On this Day, When I look into your Eyes, Easy, The Colour of Love

If there’s a song that would best describe your love life what would it be? Why?
The Colour of Love by Billy Ocean. Because I’ve never experienced the true feeling of being loved in a relationship. My favorite line in the song “….so tell me what is the colour of love, how do you see, is it warm, is it tender?...”

You like someone who is?
Sporty and very masculine hehe

You don’t like someone who?
Has tattoos and earrings and who smoke.

Burger or Pizza?
None of the above. I prefer pasta

Coffee or Softdrinks or Tea?
Tea!!!I am a tea drinker.

Ever been in love?
Yes. But not in a relationship. You can love someone without being in a relationship anyway, hehe!

Do you miss someone now? Who?
Yes. My parents back home.

Do you drive?
Hell no! My nerve easily gets on the way. I am easily scared with messy traffic especially along the intersection. 

Your favorite smell.
Fresh cut flowers. Green grass in the countryside.

Screen name or pseudo name you always go with?
Snowprincess or Snowy.

What's your huge complain today?
Severe muscle and joint pains. I have skin rashes too, tiny red spots appeared all over my body since yesterday :-(

Are you taking vitamins/food supplements daily?
Yes. Vitamin E. Vitamin C supplements.

Name your food routine
Milk. Green Tea. Whole Wheat Bread. Yogurt. Rice. Fish. Fruits. Vegetables. Cornflakes

Any Food Cravings?
Brazo de Mercedes, Fettucine Carbonara, all types of Cheesecake and California Maki!

Profession/career you always wanted?
Writer. Researcher. Analyst J

Your obsession at the moment?
To learn French hehe!

How do you alleviate stress?
I blog. Writing helps me relax. 

Your idea of a perfect date with someone?
Walk on a beach, or take a road trip to a countryside, and have a long conversation.

Have you traveled outside your home country?If yes, where?
Yes. Hongkong and Macau last June 2013.

Favorite countries to visit?
Scotland, England, Switzerland, Italy. Sooo romantic!

Dreamed holiday destinations?
French Polynesia and Mustique. Gorgeous beaches, crystal water and sugary sand.

Countryside or City?
Countryside. I love being close to nature! It's more peaceful, more quiet.

Do you drink alcoholic beverages?
No! But I do appreciate wine below 5% abv (alcohol by volume)

Ever had a crush on a teacher?
Yes. Back in my college days hahaha!

Do you like kids?
Yes. Very much. Everything is just so peaceful and fulfilling when I am surrounded with kids, I feel complete!

Ever been married?
No. But I would love to hehe!

How about kids?
I've none. But I am hoping I can still have one hehe!

What’s your favorite color?
Pink!! It reflects innocence, peace, serenity and beauty. So relaxing to the eyes.

Most precious gifts you received?
Steve Jobs’ biography and two bags (burberry and egg)

Who gave it?
Biography: My former boss. 
Bags: my male friend in the university.

Do you like to use post-it notes?
Yes in fact I collected post-it notes in different colors and sizes. I find it cute hehe!

On which side is the bed in your room?
No bed in the house I lived now. I slept on the floor hehe!

What do you wear in bed?
Shorts when the atmosphere is warm, pajamas when it is cold.

Are you stubborn?
Yes. Sometimes haha!I did things on my own. I am very independent. I hate parties. I always stand on what is believe is right. I always take side and defend my principles.

Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Lip gloss. I find the lipstick too heavy in my lips

You felt extremely pretty when you wear?
BB cream. I like its smooth, soft finish on my skin.

Name a movie/TV series you want to watch over and over again? Why?
The Cutting Edge, Roswell and Legend of the Seeker. Simply cute and romantic!!

Your favorite soap opera/Teleserye?
I don’t watch soaps, I prefer reality shows like sports, news and trivia.

Love at first sight: Possible?
Sure, just like winning the lottery Lol!

Favorite time of the day?
Mid-afternoon. Around 4:00 J

Perfect moment of the day?
Taking an afternoon tea break with scones!

Describe mathematics in a single word

Dinosaurs are...?

What's your meaning in life? Born?Live?Die?
Live. It’s nice to see the beauty of the environment and meet amazing people J

Do you participate in Hanukkah?
What the hell is that?

Define Rap in two words.
Hate It!

If you could sit down to dinner with 11 interesting people, dead or alive, who would they be? Why?

1. Blessed John Paul II - He was a great inspiration. 
2. Pope Francis - I love his deep humility and simplicity, he is an amazing man.
3. Steve Jobs - I want to learn more about his marketing styles and his visionary skills.
4. Prince Harry of Wales - He is gorgeous and hot!
5. Diana, Princess of Wales - I always admired her beauty, charm and compassion.
6. Ninoy Aquino - I admired his courage and devotion to democracy and freedom.
7. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh - His gaffe humor always fascinates me.
8. Warren Buffet - I want to learn something about intelligent investing.
9. Stephen Hawking - Want to ask him how he carry on despite disabilities.
10. Mark Zuckerberg - His smile is intriguing hehe!
11. Li Ka Shing - Want to meet a person who made a big difference despite poverty.

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