After the Rain

Yes, and that's literally...

Few hours ago, I curled in the plastic mat and slept soundly. Laziness crept in. I love sleeping when there's a heavy downpour hehe!

But more than describing the atmosphere of "after the rain", the line also signifies something beyond its literal meaning which has something to do with the emotional mess that has been overcome.

Yesterday was slightly appalling but anyway it was just part of life's normal routine and it doesn't matter to me now, I was just disappointed towards something and that's all. Nothing to fuss about :-)

It looks like the road trip I kept on contemplating for the past week will no longer possible but it's okay, I have to bend with the circumstances, that's way beyond my control. Maybe some other time when I have money hehehe!

I plan to explore the Ilocos Region, Vigan for instance. It's one of my wishes to travel to Vigan or to Camarines Sur (I think these places are in the opposite direction hehe). I am very fascinated with historical places. Hope I can visit these provinces (Ilocos and Camarines) before the year ends.

Why I love travelling to the countryside?

Being stuck in the city for life is not a healthy existence, the dust,the noise, the pollution and the stress, all these things contributed to anxiety, pressure and negative energy, so much so that we need to escape somewhere far from the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the metropolis. Travelling to a countryside is the most ideal getaway to loosen up and unwind. The quiet surrounding, fresh air, soothing scenery help pacify troubled spirit. 

Everybody needs a break!

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