Brown Butterfly

What a beautiful day! 

I haven't uttered this phrase for such a long time, but today I feel great, yes, life has never been so wonderful and exciting! I don't know what it is, but right now I am inspired and very grateful with all the blessings I received, deep inside, I am truly happy no doubt about it.

Next week will be our graduation day and from then on, I will be soaring high realizing my dreams and desires for a fulfilling life ahead to a new place where I know I would be reaching a new milestone. 

Today, I am so amazed with this little creature, a brown butterfly. It hovers around me when I entered the office at first I am a little nervous because back in the province some folks acknowledged a butterfly as a symbol of death or sickness and all the morbid stuff they can think about. For a moment, I stood at the door glancing at the butterfly hoping it would go away. To my complete surprise it followed me inside, gosh so scary!!

Until this afternoon, this butterfly continued to hover freely inside the office so I hit the computer and searched for its meaning hehe!

Then I landed at the site that answers "What is the symbolic meaning of butterfly?

It says:

Chinese and Japanese myth -  Butterfly is a symbol of a long life and a marital bliss, ohhhhh really??? But I am not getting married soon in fact I have no boyfriend and never notice anybody "hovered" in my horizon and expressed interest with me.

German myth: Butterfly symbolizes a witch because it often hovers at butter churns or milk.

Greek, Russian and Irish myths: Butterfly symbolizes "soul" so when a butterfly enters the house it means a dead person's soul is visiting nyaaaah!

Other culture: Butterfly symbolizes change or luck. It is a reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises.

Whatever it is, butterfly, despite its symbolic meaning on mythology across cultures, is beautiful in its form and colors but has nothing to do with someone's destiny.

Still, I believe its message of luck and transformation holds true in my life and I am looking forward for a wonderful life ahead.

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