Booked!!Hongkong Travel at last

Yeah!!!Finally got a nerve to book a foreign trip online today and yaaay so very lucky to get a low rate for this Hongkong trip!

My eagerness to travel abroad this year is due to the fact that my passport will expire by 2014 and it's a great shame to renew it at DFA without a foreign embassy stamp hahaha!

I've been praying hard for this trip and God finally allowed circumstances to intervene to make this desire realized soon.

So now finally, yes finally! I can visit the gorgeous Hongkong comes June 1. It's super exciting. I'll be travelling with friends in the university and we'll be taking a round trip from Davao to Clark to Hongkong and vice versa.

But as of now, I don't let my excitement overwhelmed me because I still have to face grueling days of taking comprehensive exams.

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