My Birthday This Year

With Karen Alcantara, Maam Amanda and Princess Loyola
Okay, so another year has come....another year added...

Every time my birthday comes, it felt as though I am slowly losing my grip to whatever rope I am holding, worries and anxieties resurface and the nagging thoughts of what's-coming-ahead appear again.

This year, I tried to change routine and...uhmmm,  views. I kept reassuring myself that everything is really fine and nothing to worry about. Well, it works, the fact that I am about to finish my MBA made my spirit soars high. I am more relax now and contented..Wheew!

Right now, the most important thing is, I know already what road to take and where I'm heading. My life's direction is clearer and I am more concerned with saving more for my future and embark into a leisure trip abroad. One of my greatest dreams is to tour around Western Europe and visit Vatican city and Windsor Castle.

So how I celebrated my birthday this year?

I took a one day leave from work and worked on two batches of soap, a small business I put up last month. I woke up early and prepared the ingredients, equipment and other stuff. At 3:30 pm I went to Gaisano mall and sent my mother something for my birthday, then went to San Pedro Cathedral to attend the mass.

So happy and felt blessed because when I attended an afternoon mass at the cathedral, the priest, surprisingly, called all the birthday celebrants attending the mass to come in front of the altar to receive a special blessing.

At 6:30, I joined my MBA classmates at Cocos South Bistro near Victoria plaza for our farewell dinner as most of them had no subjects left for the next semester and we will meet again in time for our comprehensive exam by March 2012.

With Sister Judith, Jerry and Wilson

It was a nice evening, the foods were great and I had enough in my stomach. hehe! Hope God will grant all my prayers and wishes for my birthday!

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