The Joy of Soapmaking

I just can't believe I am making soap now. In 2003, when my father told me to try the soapmaking business I did not pay attention with his words because I thought it would be very difficult.

My father, who had been doing a community service in our place for quite sometime now, tried soapmaking (both laundry and bath soaps) as part of the livelihood project, a kind of activity that can benefit the community.  He discontinued the project because the ingredients and the soap base were very difficult to find, it should be shipped from Manila first and the process of obtaining these raw materials was so taxing.

Then years passed....last December 2011 when I returned home, my father mentioned the soapmaking again, at that time I was agonizing over what kind of product to use in my business plan for export, our final requirement for Global Marketing, one of my subjects in the graduate school. Since my market is South Korea, I'd decided to make my own organic soap.

I'd spent several months researching how to do the procedure and how to pick and combine ingredients that can benefit the skin, my father's technique in soapmaking was somewhat old-fashioned, so I researched a new method that is somewhat modern. hehehe!

I ended up reading tons of blogs about soapmaking, I visited several sites devoted for organic soap creations. Until finally, I became very familiar how to do the procedure. I made my first batch of soap in February 4, 2012 and the second batch was on February 19, 2012 and began using the finished product three weeks later. I tested the ph level of my soap using a ph strip and a ph chart and when it became clear that the ph level was just right for the skin, I began selling it.

The joy of soapmaking is really different, aside from very profitable, it provides fulfillment and contentment to myself to find out that I can really make soap by myself. Now, I am using my original creation of soap and never worry about harsh chemicals that contain in commercial soaps.

I am only using 100% natural ingredients like Milk, Honey, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Carrot Juice, Vitamin E and pure essential oil with no chemical preservatives, additives, colorants and fragrance.

For more information about my soap business, visit the site of Dew of Nature HERE


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