The Story of Dead Star

One of the most memorable stories I encountered in my Literature subject back in college was DEAD STAR, written by Paz Marquez Benitez. It was a good story of coming to terms with destiny.

It narrates a story of passion and love felt by Alfredo Salazar towards Julia Salas. To make it short, they did not end up together. Salazar married another woman, Esperanza. Julia, on the other hand, moved to another town. 

For the past eight years after Salazar got married, he seemed never gotten over Julia, his feeling remained, he was still nurturing some hope that he would see her again or be with her once again. One day he went on a business trip to Julia's town, then visited her at her house and experimentally held her hands to find out if the intensity of his love still exist. But he was surprised to find out that everything was no longer there anymore. That what he felt was only the product of his illusion and not real.

Dead Star is used by the author to symbolize a dream for something that no longer existed in reality. Like a state of feeling we kept for so long which seems like an emotion glowing from a far, we thought it still flickers, that it is still real, but beyond its gleaming feature, what we did not see is the crack beneath its surface, that what remains now is only the shadow not the star itself. 

It is something of an illusion only which our subconscious refused to accept. Just like Alfredo Salazar, Julia was his star, his true love and always thought she was the perfect one for him, he became a slave of a lost luster, a failed dream, a dismantled hope and a futile idea of changing the course of life to rewrite a love story that actually no longer there.

Emotions are mere products of what we feed in our subconscious, other people can even manipulate it because it is very dependent with what we feed. But sometimes emotion is misleading often deceives us, believing something out of the ordinary, the what-ifs and all the might-have-been stuff as reality that it was all genuine, perfect and "should be" the right thing to do, but these are mere reflections of our fantasy and of some regret or form of guilt that we cannot get over because we are imprisoned with the false belief that we can still correct it and recapture the blurring past, interpreting everything as the only genuine feeling we ever had. 

That thing no longer exist but refused to be recognized by the one who possessed it because it is coated with guilt and regrets. But life did not end with the things we lost, if we believe that way then we never consider the person we lost as a human being but merely an object that we should possess any time.

Emotions cannot be replicated, yes it's true, but emotions are like body cells, it would eventually die down to be renewed and replenished with something invigorating, more radiant and glowing providing more benefits and new routine. That's life cycle.

We never existed to live and continue living with "what ifs", we must go on and accept the fact that there are things in life that are not meant to be, if somewhere along the way, we cannot get what we wanted, there maybe hundreds of reasons why it did not happen and these reasons are always for our own good. It is simply ridiculous to keep wishing and hoping to turn back the clock of time to correct those mistakes and remake our destinies, chances are, we become prisoners of failed dreams.

Prisoners that are impossible to get out from the cage they personally built, because they refused to. But life in the cage is not what God designed for us. He wanted every human being to be happy, to experience the goodness of life that He created. Nobody has the right to hamper the future, life never ended in one unfortunate event, it should not be interpreted as something an only person capable of influencing, it is simply absurd.

Why can't we just accept the fact that those things happened because of reasons that only God knows,  something that would never bring good to us, because if it is for our own good and advantage then God will allow us to achieve it, to get it. 

Just read the message why God did not allow two persons to end up together and not the idea of the might-have-been. God only knows what's best for us. There are still plenty of beautiful things to happen that would never come had the separation never took place.

Life did not end with traces of yesterday, nobody owns us....therefore must continue building dreams because our life did not belong to someone else, we are individually made by God and we are capable of recognizing the beauty of life apart from the people around us. Unless there are other "reasons" we secretly kept that compel us not to follow the conventional road of life.

After pondering hardly with my fate and the intense discussion that took place, I finally stop asking God why and why there are things in life that I could never get. I've decided to move on with my life for good. I want to look on the other side of the road, I know lots of beautiful things await there.

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