Dentiste' Night Time Toothpaste and Brush

I love Dentiste' products!

This is the best oral care brand I ever tried, so far....its toothpaste is so refreshing and cool!

Recently, I am using the toothpaste and toothbrush of Dentiste', "a global leader in premium oral care solutions" (the slogan I got from Dentiste' Plus White website.

The company has two variants of toothpaste: Night time Toothpaste and Premium Tooth-Remineralizing Paste. I used the night time toothpaste variant because it is touted to be the first and only natural night time toothpaste clinically proven to inhibit night time bacteria for a fresh morning breath. True enough, I mean this is not a pompous promotion about the product, but I really noticed my mouth's freshness and soothing odour upon waking up in the morning since using Dentiste' night time toothpaste.

It has natural extracts: xylitol and vitamin C which help protect the mouth from bad odour and bacteria.

After each use, I could feel the sweet sensation around my mouth and breath, super cool and pleasing, the scent is very mild and the taste is more like a mint cream. It feels like I just came from a dental cleaning due to its refreshing and menthol effects.

Dentiste' Plus White Night Time Toothpaste contains 14 Natural Extracts with antiseptics and antibacterials components that help prevent oral bacteria, gum diseases and bad breath.

Other extracts include:

 Xylitol - a natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables that odour-producing bacteria cannot feed on so it helps decrease the growth of oral bacteria.

CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) - Helps eliminate bad morning breath by trapping bad smell and prolonging fresh breath.

Silica Complex - Micronized silica complex helps get rid of plague without destroying natural tooth enamel.

Stable Vitamin C - An antioxidant that protects cells against damage and heals wounds for healthier gums.

I bought Dentiste' toothpaste with its toothbrush product because of its softness and tiny sharp edge features. This toothbrush thoroughly works effectively, eliminating small particles that stuck between teeth. It gently cleanses the teeth.

Dentiste' Plus White toothpaste and brush indeed are best choices for excellent oral care solutions. 


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JI said…
Hi Joyce,

Can you tell me where you bought this product? I am in London, UK but cannot find it anywhere in the world, and my client really wants it - please help!

Many thanks,

Joyce Lamela said…
Hello Jonny,

Thanks for posting your comment. Dentiste products are available here in the Philippines and you can find it here in all grocery stores. I am checking right now the official website of Dentiste and it says here that the products are available in the UK, maybe it is available on selected areas in UK. You can check at the website of Dentiste