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A day after the world received the devastating news of Steve Jobs's death, I am still reeling in shock.. Heaven! I still cannot believe he's gone now. For all the fantastic years he astonished the world with his magical innovations, this is totally upsetting.

I admire remarkable individuals like they are immortals as if death would not come to them. When I adore people, I always see to it that they are worthy to be admired. I always put my heart into them, learned lessons from them and followed the fantastic story of their lives because I am hoping I could learn something from them.

In my existence, there were/are only few people I greatly admired, people who left distinguished mark into the world's consciousness: Ninoy Aquino, Pope John Paul II, Diana Princess of Wales, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Stephen Hawking, Mark Zuckerberg and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. When Princess Diana died in 1997, it felt like I was hit by a deadly tornado. When the beloved Pope died in 2005, the pain was terribly disconcerting, I cried and of course wished him happiness in the after life.

Now, it's Steve Jobs and the pain of losing someone I dearly admired is something that it's very hard to comprehend. Maybe because I saw him as irreplaceable, someone with extraordinary talent, his influence was amazing. He revolutionized technology. His fantastic innovations stirred imaginations.

Though there are several inventors, innovators around us, nothing compares Jobs, he was different, despite being a college dropped out, Jobs was a brilliant businessman, who revolutionized the meaning of entrepreneurship. He never created gadgets because there's a market but he created it because he want to create a market, he was not afraid to fail because he viewed failure as an opportunity to improve and succeed.

Through his ingenuity and resourcefulness, he was called the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford of our time. He was a true legend. Nothing compares. He was alone in his pedestal. Several business magazines called him "The Messiah of Electronic Gadgets" and "The Best Business Entrepreneur on Earth"

iPad. Steve Jobs unveiled his latest innovation in 2010. Tablet has been around for quite sometimes but none caught on it, until Steve Jobs revolutionized it. At first critics were unsure how this device would be accepted by the public but when it became an instant hit, critics praised Jobs for having a rare ability to splash an extraordinary magic.

He always think "out of the box", he innovated gadgets in a way we never thought these stuff could influence our lifestyle! He guided Apple shrewdly and made sure that in every product they released, quality and rareness are ensured above competition and profits purposes and that's what made him different. He was a creative genius, very brilliant and genuine, an iconic business leader and entrepreneur, a legendary innovator who had no orthodox training in technology manufacturing. See? Steve Jobs was not an engineer, he did not even finish college (he dropped out at Reed College when he was 19 years old), but he was equipped with exceptional talent and skills.

True, there are still people who will come after him, who will invent sleek devices, but Steve Jobs is Steve Jobs nobody can imitate him and according to a former chief financial officer of Apple "There was only one Steve Jobs, only him could understand the soul of Apple". He was not only a creative genius but a visionary too. Apple was his life, he devoted all his time innovating devices that would distinguish Apple apart from other technologies and he was very successful on that vision. He brought Apple to greatness.

Every time he delivered something, it created great stirs, created big news, wondering how the latest gadgets would fair in the market. But the result was always surprising because of the tremendous impact. He was one of those rarest innovators/inventors in the world whose brilliant creations never failed to amaze people. His ideas sometimes shocked critics. Time magazine dubbed him "the man with a golden touch". 

He showed the world how technology should be created that would appeal to the masses. Personal computer had long been existed before he founded Apple but it was him who showed how this technology would delight people, he innovated it into what it is today by introducing iMac. Digital music player had been around for many years, but Jobs reinvented it and made sure people would experience the real comfort of listening to digital music, thus, the iPod was born in 2001. Many years later, he continued to amaze the world with other innovations, iPhone and iPad.

June 2011. This was the last time people saw Steve Jobs graced Apple's product demonstration as CEO. His frail figure was a great contrast to his flamboyant and charismatic appearance in the past. People knew then how much he suffered from his illness. Two months later, he tendered his resignation as Apple's CEO but remained the company's Chairman of the Board until his death.

His legacy remains to be the idea of how we should perceive personal computing, how we should listen to music and how people should enjoy computers and phones. Steve Jobs taught us many things that other technology experts never did. He made life easier in the modern world. His innovations became trendsetters that the concepts were copied and imitated by others.

From his early days at Apple to NeXT computers to PiXar (where he created devices for animation like the Toy Story) to Atari games and back to Apple, Steve Jobs's charisma and myth continue to fascinate the world.

For all the fantastic, great years I followed his life and story, Thank you Mr. Steve Jobs for the influence and inspiration, thank you for changing how we viewed life and technology, thank you for the memories, although the world cannot thanked you enough for the impact you'd given.

He was best remembered through these products--probably his most enduring and incredible legacy to the world--iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and iTunes

"Jobs did something that few people accomplish even once: he reinvented entire industries. He did it with ones that were new, like PCs, and he did it with ones that were old, such as music. And his pace only accelerated over the years." - TIME magazine

May you find everlasting happiness and peace in the afterlife. Your memories and legacy will live on forever. Rest in Peace. More on Steve Jobs in my GLOBAL AFFAIRS BLOG

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