The Parabens Anxiety

Since reading several articles about those research studies linking chemicals, Bisphenol-A and methyl paraben, to breast cancer (and other form of cancers), I became very vigilant with skincare, shampoo and conditioners.

The common question now --- Are we still safe from using cosmetics without checking the ingredients?

Okay, so just last night I went to the mall and checked the ingredients of several lotions, shampoo, conditioners, skincare and body wash, that I've been using for the past years! And to my horror, almost all those products contained parabens! Goshhh

According to a research study in California, scientists discovered that Methyl Paraben and Bisphenol-A (BPA) promote cancer cell growth when these chemicals enter the body, it may also interfere or block the effectiveness of cancer treatment like Ramoxifin. 

Parabens had long been linked to cancer growth, tumors, infertility, nervous breakdown, depression, reproductive problems in the past. Bisphenol-A, aside from parabens, is another damaging chemical that feared to be one of the environmental causes of cancers.

But according to the same study, not all BPA and parabens that enter the body promote or develop cancer cells, but who knows what are our risks? It is better to be safe than take adventure. Now, I am checking products in the net that are paraben-free, organic products are all paraben-free items. BPA is commonly found in cans and hard plastic containers including bottled drinks, canned foods, canned soft drinks among others.

It is strongly advised not to put hot foods on plastic containers or cellophane as heat easily dissolved BPA out from these containers and go directly to the body, microwave oven is even considered as another culprit of cancers and hypertension. Sales receipts are even found to have BPA content!

While still on the look of paraben-free organic skincare, I found at least three items with no paraben chemicals: Myra lotion, Palmolive conditioners, Avon's deodorant lotion.

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