Kate appears more like Camilla than Diana

Her wedding ring still nowhere in sight and everybody is wondering where she left it. 
Above photo: At the Canadian tour (June 30-July 8, 2011), the Duchess of Cambridge, well just like the previous public outings since the royal wedding, only seen wearing the blue sapphire engagement ring.

But the most unusual thing for this new Duchess is her awful habit of recycling wardrobe, I never see any women married into royalty who recycled dresses when appearing in public,well except Camilla Parker-Bowles and that's understandable because she did not live a life of glamour and fame when she was still known in public as Prince Charles's "weather beaten" mistress.

Now it seems she has a successor with her lifestyle, the Duchess of Cambridge. Camilla and Kate seemed lots of things in common: they are commoners who married into royalty, they have the habit of wearing tragic wardrobe that never compliment their physical appearance and both relished the idea of being a consort someday.
Kate donned this nude patent LK Bennett platform a hundred times in public. First at Derby horse trial in May then at the 2011 July tour in Canada and Los, Angeles, California. The shoes and her favourite beige clutch bag made an appearance about six times during the tour 

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4 and Day 5
Day 6
Since her wedding to Prince William, every time she appeared in public, she reminded me more of Camilla rather than Diana. She has no charm of the late Princess of Wales, much more magic. In all her public outings  during her lifetime, Diana always looked so charming and fabulous and never disappointed the public with her magnificent, regal bearing.
The blue skinny jeans, belt and shoes, she repeatedly wore. Can she just wear jeans which won't reveal her ridiculous thighs?

At the Canadian tour (first week of July 2011) with Prince William, Kate seemed did not pack enough wardrobe that she kept repeating the same dress, jeans and shoes every time they appeared in public. She wore the nude LK Bennett platform (already seen in public last May) about five times, the Erdem dress twice and the skinny jeans three times.

Okay, just leave her alone and not mind her ghastly taste of wardrobe I am no fan of her either, but it feels like Prince William is being accompanied by his nanny in all his public engagement and not a wife, aside from her tousled her which made me wonder if she ever comb her hair or at least apply a conditioner, she always recycled her dresses and those awful shoes.
The wedge black shoes seemed like her favourite footwear, at the above picture from the mail online, she wore it when she, her sister Pippa and mother, Carol Middleton, checked in to Goring Hotel two days before the royal wedding in April. Kate shown here wearing a black printed dress.
A day after their wedding in April
And alas! At the Canadian tour (July 2011) she wore the same dress and shoes!Photo credit: Tim Rooke/Rex Features
Another recycled outfit is the above Reiss white dress she wore at the prenuptial portrait (left) and again at the Canadian tour (right)

One comment in her wardrobe during the couple's Canadian tour lately, is that she seemed wearing the same pair of skinny jeans three days in a row, arggh!And some of her dresses in that tour looked vintage than modern, she did not even wear hats, which is a compulsive social etiquette among female royals. 
Getting enough tan did not make sense on her, the lavender dress did not even compliment her slim figure and horrible legs. Photo credit: Camera Press/Mark Stewart from Mail Online

For people who commented her fashion taste as fascinating, think twice, my God! The girl did not even know where to place her accessories so that a simple dress will make gorgeous, there's nothing stylish about her  and her fashion sense is so dull and dreadful.  Someone from Vogue must advise her to at least visit the saloon for hair rebonding. Her curly locks and messy hair is not cute any more. She is far from the fashionable and gorgeous commoners who married into royalty: Princess Mary of Denmark and Queen Rania of Jordan whose taste in fashion is so widely praised and acknowledged. Sorry but I just can't help comparing them.

Everyday, Kate appears more like Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall than the glamorous fashion icon, Diana, Princess of Wales. Anyway, this is just my personal opinion, you can freely express your opinion too if you want.

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djdnah said…
Absolutely hilarious, did you ever even pay attention to Diana? She was a sensible woman who rewore everything again and again, even her pregnancy clothing, after she had the babies she had dresses and jackets tailered in to rewear again, and she wore her fake jewels all the time again and again..She drew flack for rewearing clothing all the time..as well as shoes..DUH...and BTW Kate never takes off her wedding band, or are you blind as well? Even in the photo you have posted here it is plainly visible right behind her sapphire. EEEEEK and WOW at the same time...