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The Princesses who died in car accident

Today, July 1, would have been the 50th birthday of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and while thinking what topic to post to commemorate her birthday(I am hesitant to post an article about Diana’s life story because I’d done it several times in the past), I decided to write something about the tragic death of other princesses who also died in car accident like Diana.

Of course, everybody knows she died in August 1997 in Paris, France when the black Mercedez benz she was riding slammed on the 13th pillar of Pont d’Alma tunnel. It was a terrible event especially for someone who was so young, pretty and very famous.

For most of her life, the late Princess of Wales struggled to be accepted unconditionally, she also had to find her own place after her husband ditched her for a woman she called an "attacked dog who suck our marriage", but her quest for real freedom and happiness was cut-short at the age of 36 and the unique charm and magic of the vulnerable Princess of Wales forever gone.

As a daughter of a British Earl with a royal pedigree, Diana, was born an aristocrat and was raised in the upper-class system of the British society, but despite her comfortable upbringing, she grew up deprived of having a normal family life, her parents got divorced when she was 8 years old and she had to endure a distressing arrangement of shuffling homes with parents every weekend. Until she met the Prince of Wales in 1980, life seemed perfect and rosy. But several years after they married and provided the throne with two heirs, Diana discovered that the Prince of Wales renewed his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles and soon, she had to endure the humiliation of having an adulterous husband who did not actually love her. Later in life she disclosed that the only people who brought sunshine to her tormented life are her two sons, William and Harry.

Fourteen years after her untimely death, Diana’s legacy lives on, her influence still hovered around through the presence of her two good-looking sons…. and her special magic continues.

Unlike Diana, Grace Kelly was a non-aristocrat. She was a Hollywood actress who captivated the ruler of the Principality of Monaco, Prince Rainier III, when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in France in 1955, not long after, her star moved closer to the orbit of the European royalty and in April 1956, they got married in Monaco. She bore him three children, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert (who just married last July 2, 2011) and Princess Stephanie.

Kelly's life, both private and public, was the object of intense speculations, though Prince Rainier's devotion to her was very obvious, still extramarital affair issues (on her side) persisted. Her beauty and glamour did not wane  as she grew older, but the princess gained considerable weight that she accumulated fatty plaques in her circulatory system. This health problem became the cause of her death at the age of 52.

On September 13, 1982, while driving, with her daughter Princess Stephanie on her side, along the windy and snowy road in the countryside of Monaco, she suffered a stroke which prompted her car to slip at the serpentine road on the mountain. She and her daughter were brought to the hospital but Princess Grace died later from massive injuries. Princess Stephanie survived and recovered. Prince Rainier did not marry and died on April 5, 2005, their only son, Prince Albert, succeeded the throne.

She was known as “SnowPrincess” and the people of Belgium extremely loved her. As a granddaughter of Princess Sybill of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Astrid was a direct descendant of Queen Victoria of England, she was also the sister of Princess Martha of Sweden who married the future King Olaf of Norway. Princess Astrid married Prince Leopold of Belgium and when he ascended the Belgian throne as King Leopold III, Astrid became Queen Consort. 

The couple had three children: Princess Josephine Charlotte (mother of Henri, the current GrandDuke of Luxembourg), King Boudouin and King Albert II (reigning King of Belgium). Their marriage was reportedly a very happy one, the King was very fond of her and no controversy was attached to their union. But this happy marital life was ended abruptly when at the age of 29, Queen Astrid died from car accident.

In 1935, she and her husband spent vacation in Switzerland and while the King drove his car with the Queen on the passenger's seat, it swept through the windy road in the mountain of Kussnacht am Rigi near Lake Lucerne. Her death was deeply mourned by the people of Belgium and Sweden and her husband went into mourning for a considerable period of time. Leopold remarried into a commoner years later and had two children.

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Loius Anne said…
I can't even imagine that Princess Dianna will die because of car crash accident. I miss her so much.