Last day of June

Time flew so fast...posting an entry "First day of June" seems like yesterday and now I am posting "Last day of June"wow it seems like the earth is rotating faster than expected hehehe..but I love it because it means I will be finishing my masters degree soon and I am free to spread my wings and explore the other side of life.

Personally, I am happy with the way my life run at the moment. I finally stop thinking why I am welded in one corner unnoticed, I know time will come for me to shine. Since early this year, I promised myself not to entertain self-defeating thoughts any more, there are lots of things in life that's beyond my control and I never dreamed to focus on that, instead, I want to look on the other side of the road plenty of wonderful things.

Classes in the graduate school have just started and with it, comes so many requirements, assignments, project proposal and lots of paper works, but I assured myself I can make it! I still have 21 units left for my academic requirements then I would have to contemplate whether to take Thesis or just comprehensive exam, it depends on my financial resources.

Just today I received a notice from google for my adsense payment, wow!what a good timing and a great blessing since I splurge on accessories, shoes, bags and blouse yesterday as if there's no tomorrow and I feel guilty right now.waaah!

Well, we had no work yesterday, June 29, so at 10:00 am I and my two friends, Kathy and Sheila went out to buy girly stuff--accessories for our uniform and a lot more. We took our lunch at Mandarin-Victoria then went to G.Mall (without Kathy as she had to be with her luviduds..hehe) to look for shoes, we ended up exhausted and sleepy because we did not find any interesting stuff at Gaisano mall so we went to SM and finally bought shoes from Mendrez. After strolling around the department stores and Watson, we agreed to take a break and unwind at Pizza hut, as usual I ordered Carbonara and Caesar Salad.

I and Sashing went home at 5:00 pm and felt extremely tired upon reaching my room so I took a nap (about one hour.toinkz) before eating oatmeal and preparing Green Tea for my dinner. Speaking of green tea, I was so frustrated to find out that I mistakenly picked the wrong flavour, I regularly drink green tea with mint flavour but when I shopped the other night, I picked the citrus flavour and I detested this taste..anyway I will just endure it and be cautious next time.

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