Surprise Appearance

Thank God he is okay...

With intense speculation in the past months about the real score of his health--that he is gravely ill and very much like a skeleton already---Apple's CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs, made a surprise appearance last Monday, June 6, 2011.

Wearing his signature outfit -- turtle neck black sweat shirt, blue jeans and white rubber shoes -- Jobs's physical appearance has no difference when he unveiled the iPad 2 last February, and though not in his old flamboyant form, still it was a good sign that he is still capable of doing things he loved to do in the past--invention.

The computer genius is currently fighting a chronic disease called neuroendocrine cancer since 2004 which forced him to go on medical leave several times sending worries and tension among Apple investors. He is the chief software architect of Apple's innovative products, without him, many claimed, Apple products would not have been magical. There were fears expressed a year ago that Apple might changed its platform and might be toppled by other inventions if Jobs won't be around anymore.

Steve Jobs, whose brilliant innovations--iMac, iPod, iPhone, iTunes and iPad--made Apple one of the greatest electronic gadget companies to emerge in the 20th century and the World Most Admired Company for four straight years now (Fortune Magazine), seemed far from what the world is dreading to hear---his retirement for good. As he made a surprise appearance last June 6, 2011, Monday at the Apple worldwide development conference, people were very ecstatic with his presence that they gave him a standing ovation. Jobs emerged briefly to unveil synching service which allow customers to share calendar entries, songs and other files more easily, he also announced another software, iCloud, which  enable Mac computers to act more like mobile devices.

It seems Apple Incorporated heavily relies on Steve Jobs. When the world was informed that he was taking a medical leave due to his illness, Apple's stock fell in the world trading but when it was announced his medical leave will only be temporary, the trading dramatically went up, but when he made another announcement that he will be taking an indefinite medical leave, it weakened again until last Monday when he appeared at the conference. The stocks' trading surprisingly increased when Jobs showed up on stage but fell afterwards when he left the stage according to yahoo news update.

What made Apple the world most admired company?---According to Fortune Magazine---The company's unique platform and innovation plus Steve Jobs's business philosophy for exclusive proprietary rights. Jobs unlike other Silicon Valley geniuses consider reputation terribly that he places art on the highest pedestal over commerce and trade.

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