Don Beppe

Last Wednesday night, I and Kathy had another pasta adventure at Don Beppe, an Italian resto  along Bonifacio street (walking distance from UIC), and ahem, we were impressed with the table arrangement (fine dining mode) and the very relaxing ambience of the place. We chose to sit in a four-seater table (there's no table-for-two available) and navigated the menu book. Hmmm...and I was silent for the next 10 seconds because the foods were so expensive, ranging from 200 to 500 pesos.yaaay!
Penne Arrabiata. For people who detested the combination of tomato and chili stuff in pasta, this is not a good choice. One order costs P225.00
Puttanisca, Pizza and Penne

So I ordered the cheapest pasta in the menu, Penne Arrabiata. I love Penne more when it is drizzled with white sauce but this recipe is somewhat strange because I didn't understand the taste.haha!

When we got our orders, oh my!One plate is good for four people, I texted our friend Sheila to come to the rescue because we ordered two pasta and one whole pizza equivalent to 10 people hehehe. We ended up bloated with those orders and we just laughed with the experience. But if you try to look at it, Don Beppe is not really expensive if you come as a group. The pasta concoctions are great!Very authentic Italian recipe.
with Sashing
...and Kathy
The owner was very generous and accommodating, he personally welcomed diners, he also gave us free iced tea!wheew!He asked us if we like the food, if we need something. I thought...hmmm maybe this is how Italian or other European people treated customers. 

Don Beppe is worth trying!

So the other day, June 2, I punished myself by eating only one whole wheat biscuit with one glass of milk in the morning and one bowl of oatmeal with one cup of Green tea during lunch time because for the past two nights, I'd spent around 1,000 pesos just for dinner, ngaark!

Okay last night, I finally met Helen (who came home from Dubai) and spent the whole afternoon with her. We dined at Mandarin, Abreeza and spent another hour talking and strolling around the mall. This time I chose chicken toppings and a tropical fruit to give my stomach a break..hehe!

Helen is one of my dearest and nicest friends through all these years, very thoughtful and generous and one of my closest friends whom I can truly trust. The cute Mango blouse she gave me as a "pasalubong" aside from Toblerone, was so fantastic!Thank you len!:-)

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Earlied said…
Hi Joyce,

Nice diversity of yummy options here..hehehe.

Anyways, I've chosen you as one of the recipients of the 'Sunshine Award' because I find your blog/site beautiful and full of life.

Continue writing and enjoy blogging for life.
Joyce Lamela said…
Hello sir Earl!

Thank you sir, hahaha!hala, Sunshine Award sir?sounds fantastic!hehehehhe..
Earlied said…
Hi Joyce

hehehehe...murag tinuod gyud ba...
Joyce Lamela said…
Hello Sir Earl,

Hahahahaha!oo sir murag true jud ba..puedi create na lang ta ani nga award sir?hehehe
Kathy said…
gusto nko balikan ang Puttanesca ^^