Crepelato: The House of Crepe and Gelato in Davao City!

It offers a wide array of scrumptious desserts made from the finest ingredients of fruits, ice cream, frozen yogurt, pastries and nuts. Its most prized variety is crepe float with oh-so-yummy gelato topped with cereals, fruits of your choice--Almond banana split, blueberry, vanilla, strawberry, mango float and many more--lathered with whipping cream and fruit syrup!
Crepe Float!
 Crepe and Gelato in mango float flavour in cereals drizzled with fruit syrup and whipping cream
Pasta con Malunggay at Crepelato

Crepelato serves Belgian waffle in cones or cups, crepe float and combination of cake and pastries. I'd tried the crepe float variety and I was so overwhelmed with its super delicious taste! Served in a colourful china, the gelato attractively drizzled in fruit syrup and whipping cream sprinkled with cereals and bread crumbs and some nuts. 
Crepelato in eight flavors worth P300 and good for 5 people
Vanilla flavour drizzled in choco syrup

Crepelato has three outlets in Davao City: NCCC mall, Mayon street and Gaisano Mall. Other than ice cream and frozen yogurts, Crepelato also offers pasta, pastries, value meals like Bulalo, Adobo, Barbeque, Spareribs, Longganisa and Native Chicken, served with one cup of rice.
Native Chicken Adobo

Honestly, Crepelato chillers are just some of the best desserts I ever tasted, its super yummy and Italian-made ice cream, gelato, is really the best and very different from the leading ice cream brands I know in the country. Gelato, aside from its yummy taste, is very unique because it never easily melted plus it has something in it that made me want to eat more, hmmm very addictive! It is non-fattening because most of the mixtures are very low in sugar and fats.

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