One blob of Mango Gelato at Crepelato

Take two at Crepelato

This time at Mayon branch, not far from Sampaguita Inn.

While doing some important matters at work yesterday, Sheila asked me what's this Crepelato thing, so I told her this is a combination of crepe and Gelato, an Italian-style ice cream dessert, I bombarded her with all the yummy descriptions that she told me to visit the place one more time. 

So minutes later, we agreed to go there in the afternoon right away, I told Kathy and Juvy about it and quickly agreed to join us, well when it comes to food, we are one soul, haha! We chose to go to Mayon branch because it is not crowded at night.

After consuming Pasta con Malunggay (Sheila, Liezel and Juvy picked Native Chicken with Rice) we ordered one bowl of gelato in eight combinations sprinkled with graham bits, nuts and drizzled with tantalizing fruit syrup and whipping cream.

Yum..yum!We ended the night with good conversation, sharing events during the day and uhmmm...some personal matters..hehe..

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