Trappistine Foods

I am not sure exactly if Trappistine cookies and fruit bars are available in the supermarket or grocery stores nearby as I saw these monastic food products only from the Gift Shop of the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Benedictine Monks in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon province (5 hours from Davao City). These delicacies are delicately packed in attractive and glossy cartoons.

Mango Bars
One pack of Trappistine Mango Bars, which weighed 270 grams, contains 8 pieces of individually cut-squared cookie. It has a distinct taste of fruity cake concoctions, actually this super delicious snack bar consists of dried mango chips stuffed in chewy butterscotch cookie which makes it very addictive. Depends on your taste bud, this food is just moderately sweet with a sour tang on the tongue brought by mango strips. Its ingredients are mainly flour, butter, egg whites, leavening, mango strips with little amount of sugar. Its nutritional facts in the cartoon indicate that this product is zero in cholesterol. P120.00 each pack

Oatmeal Cookies
Very yummy, tasty and healthy because it is primarily made from oats and raisins. Each pack contains 6 pieces of large cookies. It has an excellent taste of butter and vanilla and best remedies for hunger pangs especially when traveling or simply craving for something sweet and tasty. Unlike other cookies, this trappistine delicacy is super tender in the mouth and very easy to chew because it is made from pure oats and butter. Its net weight is 220 grams. P140.00 each pack

These foods are proud products of the Trappistine Monastery of Landan, Polomolok, Cotabato which are also available in the Gift Shop of the Benedictine Monastery in Bukidnon. Both Mango bars and Oatmeal cookies are baked and packed by the nuns of Our Lady of Mount Matutum Monastery.

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