Lightening Bars

Take your pick...

If you are looking for the best skin lightening product in the market, try using any of these beauty soaps which I already tried. Both are effective skin lighteners but I am not sure if it has the same effect on your skin as mine. Before deciding which product to choose, I will give you an idea first with its advantages and benefits.

G2thione Soap
This is a skin lightening bar, very mild with no harsh ingredients and scent. I can attest to its effectiveness as a lightening bar. It did not only help enhanced my fair skin complexion, but it also helped removed deep seated dirt in my skin surface.

G2thione is really an effective product, but do not expect to get a result of a whiter complexion right away. I think its main purpose is to enhance the complexion and make it lighter than make it whiter in short period of time. It can also help prevent skin darkening and blemishes due to constant exposure to the sun.

This is excellent for people who have sensitive skin, like me. I didn't experience skin irritation and dryness when I first I used it. I love its creamy lather and mild scent, this soapcan really scrub dead skin cells. It contains Kojic Acid, Virgin Coconut Oil, Goat milk and Vitamin E which make the skin supple, smooth, youthful and glowing. It protects my skin from pimples and acne and help maintain its natural softness and youthful glow. P80.00 each bar

Beauche Beauty Bar
This beauty bar had been in my bath basket for nearly four years now. I started using this soap in 2007 when my pimples became worst. This is a cream bar so it will easily melt when put in a wet surface. Try putting it in a separate soap holder so that it won't mix with other soaps. 

I love its sweet scent, very much orange rather than papaya, but don't worry the scent won't irritate your skin. It greatly works for my skin and thoroughly removed the old cells around the surface. After using, it, there's a slight lifting that can be felt around the skin face. What I like about this soap, is its soothing fruit scent which calmed my senses. It can also protect the skin from dark spots and blemishes. It has a natural moisturizer so it never dries up skin. P38.00 each bar

Facial Skin Antiseptic Soap
This is my latest discovery in facial skincare, I just saw it one day in the grocery section of Gaisano mall and read its contents and when I noticed that its ingredients contains antioxidants, I immediately bought one to try.

When I began using it, I could smell  its natural tomato and cucumber extracts, I noticed also that it has a very mild scent with minimum lather but effectively cleanse the oil residue around my face. When I looked my face in the mirror I can see my pores flattened and even out my skin tone. I was amazed with its very fast result. Now I am regularly using this, G2thione and Beauche bar came in second and third priorities and used it alternately about twice a week only. This soap is primarily made from fruits and vegetables  extacts: Tomato, Cucumber and Papaya with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamins A and C which help protect the skin from drying. This soaps acts as a natural skin toner and lightener. P40.00 each bar and available in the cosmetics section of Gaisano Mall.

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