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When it comes to cosmetics, hair and body care, nothing beats organic products because of so many advantages and health benefits the users can get from it. Last year, as I joined the Davao Lady Bloggers, I came across with these natural products straight from Korea sold by Davao TLC shop along Nova Tierra village, Lanang, Davao City. For more information, read my LIFESTYLE blog about SkinFood products

This is my super favorite product of Davao TLC Shop because of its fantastic effect on my hair. It is so amazing because I don’t need to apply any conditioner to soften my hair, it acts both a shampoo and a conditioner, plus the scent is so relaxing and sweet because of its Grapefruit extract. I love its therapeutic scents, it relaxes senses. Hop Beer Hair Wash has this lasting soothing effect on my head, it seems the organic ingredients heals tired mind that I have this wonderful aura after washing my hair. It works as therapy and its smell, which is like a lavender scent, helps calm weary mind. It never dries up hair and even if I would not apply conditioner, my hair strands still manageable.

Wheew this product had help my skin glow and radiate even more. It has a luscious scent of real strawberry fruit with a creamy lather. The milk and strawberry extracts provide a smooth finish after each bath. The skin smells like a baby, very refreshing and relaxing. Just used loofah or sponge to achieve an excellent result on your skin as it thoroughly eliminate dead cells making the skin more renewed and smooth.

The advantage of using body wash is that it has no harsh ingredients like hardening and soda, so it won’t dry or irritate skin especially the most sensitive one. Strawberry Body Wash from Davao TLC Shop is very affordable. Its smallest variant is only P90.00 while the 150 ml size is almost P300.00 but this price is already sufficient and worthy as this product is made from all natural ingredients which provide the skin with healthy benefits. The Peach Body Scrub is another amazing product but I never tried it on my skin yet, I plan to buy it when I return to the shop soon.

BB Cream
Blemish Balm cream commonly known as BB cream is the latest trend in beauty cosmetics which drive sophisticated women crazy because of its terrific effect on the face, smooth like a baby at the same time protects the skin from premature wrinkles as it has UVR shield.

It is  an excellent replacement of foundation because it helps concealed blemishes and fine lines around the face. When I gone to Davao TLC, I took few samples of these BB creams and tried it on my skin and I was amazed with its very fine effect. My friend (who owns this BB cream item in the left photo) said she was very satisfied with its result, plus it is not costly as you will only pour a small amount on your fingertip to work it over the face.

This Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB cream (left photo) from Davao TLC Shop is just so perfect, with its very natural and organic ingredients and fine texture, every woman can achieve the kind of look she dreamed of. It successfully smoothen and even out skin tone and  flattened the pores.

Davao TCL shop sells Korean products direct from Korea, you can visit the shop at Nova Tierra, Lanang, Davao City.

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