Sangkai Japanese Restaurant

Located along Jacinto extension and Arellano street in Davao City (infront of Central Bank), Sangkai is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. The place is so quiet, clean and cozy, it's like you are just eating in the comfort of your own home. Opens daily from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, then 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, the restaurant is not really crowded during the day so you have plenty of time to relax and eat.

It sets against the backdrop of a family dining room complete with wall frames, interior art collections and divider. Unlike other Japanese restaurants, customers at Sangkai will have to sit in a proper chair just like in a typical Filipino household. If you are not into chopsticks, you can request a spoon and a fork from the staff.
California Maki
Yakisoba and Ramen soup

The service is great and the foods are amazing. One of my favorite foods in the menu is California Maki, the taste is simply great with seemed-like rice paste wrapping each roll. The prices are also affordable, ranging from P100 to P400 in the food menu. Before the foods are served, customers are treated with appetizers. When I and my friend gone there for my birthday, the appetizer consists of rolled pechay, which is very strange but tastes good.
Hot Tea

With its very homely ambience and nice service staff, Sangkai Japanese restaurant is one great place to bring family together, it is also a perfect place to relax with friends while enjoying Japanese foods. Aside from California Maki, Sangkai has the best ramen vegetable soup and Tempura. Another food I like at Sangkai is Gyouza.

For people who are bringing their cars, Sangkai has a comfortable parking space area. The moment you enter Sangkai, you can easily feel the comfort and serenity surrounding the place. One of my classmates said that this restaurant offers the most authentic Japanese foods in town. So don't miss it!

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