My Birthdate!!

"God is faithful even if we are not, He fulfills His promises. Everything that happens in-between---that’s grace” (Confessions of an Impatient Bride)

Last year, after reading the book of Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, “Confessions of an Impatient Bride” my life’s principles had a massive make-over. All tensions and anxieties blew off like pieces of dust into the horizon…her sharing of the lessons of “Potters in Japan” made me realized that “waiting” is just a marvelous word personally designed by God.

Afterall....age is an attitude of the mind. If you don't mind, then it doesn't matter :-) 

Okay, so today is another milestone of my existence. But no, not my birthday but my birthdate ^____^

I read once that some world's "Thinkers" disputed the terms “birthday” and “birth date”, according to them we don’t have a birthday each year but just a birth date. People have only their birthdays once every seven years, sounds logical anyway. 

Well, on the day I was born, the 3rd day of April was Tuesday and since today is a Sunday, it is not my birthday but my birth date, sounds funny, is'nt it? Whatever it is…tradition still calls it birthday, so we will stick on that rather than waggle our precious brains with incomprehensible terms not adaptable to all human beings.

  Cupcakes from Sweet Bites and Delights..Thanks to my good friend, Kathy Dacanay for these sumptuous birthday presents!
 Creamy mini-cupcakes!

Today, I am not feeling well, maybe cold and fever just want to test my immune system if it is really completely shielded with all the vitamins and antioxidants and detoxifiers I religiously take. 

I was born in a household which abhors so much medications, in the province my father has his own little magic of making pure and natural lagundi syrup so we never worry about fever and cough. But since I am far away from home, every time I have a fever, I just turned to other natural home remedies like hot green tea with honey, calamansi juice, plenty of water and fruits, to be relieved. Luckily, it worked!

Just this morning, my brother sent a birthday greeting with two family photos via MMS (did I say the term correctly?hehe) and I laughed so hard. My brother is one person in this world who can really make me laugh, in the real sense of the word.

Haaay, anyway, though illness annoyed my day, this is still one of my nicest birthdays: peaceful and quiet. I attended mass at 8:00 in the morning at the Cathedral, lighted a candle to thank God for another year and went home. 

At 11:30, I and my very good friend, Kathy Dacanay, went to Sangkai Japanese restaurant (infront of Central Bank) to spend lunch (because she was intrigued with the way I described California Maki last week hehe). 

Kathy was generous enough to pay the large part of our bill.hehe! She also gave me a super delicious present I never tried in my whole life, Creamy little Cupcakes in various flavors from Sweet Bites and Delights, super yummy and tasty! 
 Devouring California Maki again at Sangkai with Kathy


 Hot tea at Sangkai for my itchy throat

Unlike my younger sister and younger brother who loved to throw a heavy-meal-treat to friends during their birthdays, I am the exact opposite, I hate it. Aside from being costly, I find it dispensable. 

But when I was still in the province, well, since I am the eldest, my parents would prepare something for my birthday. When I graduated in elementary, I wept and wailed because I didn’t want them to celebrate it, I hate when people come to the house and throw me their attention, I find it very uncomfortable.

I had a huge birthday celebration when I turned 13, with almost all the office mates of my parents attended plus my teachers and relatives. I wanted to hide in my grandmother’s skirt. I wanted to pretend I was ill so that people won’t inquire about me, then my father’s voice boomed downstairs calling my name, so I obliged to face “their” visitors! And my God, I said my “thank-you” piece. Ngork! 

This little show was repeated when I graduated from high school arggh! And my aunt forced me to go around the house, shaking hands to every person present in the celebration, I didn't look at their eyes and I just "vanish" right away. A day after, I told my mother, oh not again!

When I moved to the city to attend college, I never celebrated my birthday except attending mass and lighting a candle. I also inherited the practice of my grandmother to say a novena prayer (9 days before birthday). 

My devotion is at St. Jude, he is my patron saint since I was five when my father’s client for his poultry business gave me a large statue of St. Jude. He is the patron saint for the love and the hopeless and especially for the things despaired off.

Whole wheat bread!

Thanks to my super nice friend Kathy Dacanay for her generosity paying the large part of our bill at Sangkai and for  mouth-watering  super yummy mini - cupcakes! 

Thank God for another year of hope and opportunity to live and breath a new life. Thanks to all my friends who greeted me and who remembered my birthday as always. And to my family who, despite distance, never failed to give love and care, I am super grateful as always.

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