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9:00 pm...Just got home from a good dinner at Sangkai Japanese restaurant with my MBA classmates.

We'd a little celebration because second semester is over and we had a successful presentation of our Marketing Plan 2 hours ago, what a huge relief! We'd been throwing our effort, joggling time with this project since March 16 (where we stayed from 10am to 9pm at Kangaroo during Araw ng Dabaw!) and finished it prior to the deadline, thanks to our professor, Dr. Danny Te, who allowed us to use the revolutionary Marketing Plan Pro software. This software, powered by Duct Marketing, is famously used by top business executives in the US, including CEOs around Silicon Valley.

 Paying attention to the presentation
Our professor, Dr. Te, listened intently as one of my group mates presented the background of the company

Back in college, when I took this subject, our instructor then did not allow us to work as a group (on marketing plan) because we were only 12 in the class so we did it individually and took three months before it was completely finished.

Now of course, is a bit different, with the presence of modern technology and the benefits of having a Marketing Plan Pro software, everything can be done in just 3 days as long as you have all the necessary business data. I was a bit lucky also to be included in a very supportive and understanding group. While still brainstorming with our plan, we tried balancing each moment of anxiety by sharing weird and silly conversations then burst in laughter, we often find time to smile and relax or else tension will creep in. So we insisted to feel at home at Kangaroo, making it our temporary venue for leisure and knowledge..hehe!

On our last meeting (March 26), we agreed to spend dinner together after the presentation at Sangkai  (fronting Central Bank) to loosen up. We really got a nerve to volunteer last week to our professor that we should be the first group to defend our plan, as if we're really prepared..hehehe...self-confidence, that's it (haha!)...and luckily we did it wonderfully. We also agreed in the group that only two will present the plan and the rest will help out on the discussion.

And so it was...Last night (March 29) at 6:00 pm everything runs smoothly. No complications, no anxieties, no pressure. It was a fulfilling night for all of us. After an hour, we're done and excitedly went downstairs to head to Sangkai Restaurant, we rode in Dottie's car and the rest of the evening was filled with laughter!
California Maki at Sangkai, so yummy!!
Ramen soup!
Learning how to use the chopsticks is my great accomplishment this!

So, once again, we enjoyed poking fun at each other, sharing life's great lessons while giggling on some silly and weird jokes, we chuckled like teenagers. It was great, a truly fantastic evening. We easily get along maybe because we shared the same humor, the same common sense (hehe), we easily understood each other.

Talking about Marketing Pro software (powered by Duct Tape Marketing):

This is the most innovative and fastest way to write a Marketing or Business plan. All the tools needed for a business research are included. The software will automatically generates data and deliver all professional documents needed  for the plan unlike before when we would write every detail of the strategies and sales forecasts and arranged it manually. Now it's a bit easier and I am glad I encountered this software since this is very useful in the actual business practice.

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