Keeping with the things I neglected

I am a voracious reader...

If there's one thing that can make me wide awake at night until early dawn, aside from writing, is reading. If I start reading books or writing articles, no one can ever disturb me not even the "barking" of my cellular phone . Nothing can thwart my attention except the thought of becoming ugly because of lack of sleep.hehehe, but other than that, none!

But since attending graduate school, reading is one habit I thoroughly neglected because I am super busy working on assignments and cases. Last night finally, I started keeping up with the lost time in reading. I first pulled the book "The Battle of Britain" and so engrossed with the story that I did not put down the book until my eyes blurred.
 The book I diligently read recently giving me another round of sleepless night hehe
...Then find time to read this book, "The White Queen" by Philippa Gregory, a book given to me by Sir Escalante as Christmas present. This story centers on the life of Queen Elizabeth, the wife of King Edward IV of England and the mother of the famous "Princes of the Tower"

The Battle of Britain, written by Matthew Parker, is such a compelling story about the terrible period of World War II (1939-1942), and how the British soldiers struggled in the battlefield, their unpreparedness, their low morale and the terror of the war that followed. I was really touch with how the BEF (British Expeditionary Forces) endured the dangerous situation of fighting the enemies despite unpreparedness, it was so sad to read their testimonies of the horror they suffered while taking the "operation dynamo" where they had to walk on foot from their camp in France all the way to Dunkirk beach to be evacuated back to England before the German forces captured France completely. 

Such a terrifying  and interesting account that I kept on flipping back to Chapter I to understand the situation better...tonight, I will continue reading this book. Thanks to Sir Earl Doriman who gave me this book straight from England!wheew!

French Lesson

Haaay I was forced to abandon this "fascination" last year when the grueling task of writing case analysis made me to forget other hobbies. Now I am back again with my audio tutorial lesson on French language. Some words and terms are already familiar but I cannot completely composed a single line yet.

Book Writing

I slightly abandoned some manuscripts too.  And hope to be in good condition to go back to the plot of each story. Looks like,  there's a need for me to organize my thought first before I could pick up where I left. I am still pondering whether to self-publish my Quiz Master because most of the publication I queried required me to share the cost of the final stage of editing and the promotional activities, it is the growing trend in publication nowadays, and good heaven I cannot afford that at the moment, please! so I would better look for a cheaper publication or self-publish it...hahay!

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