I just sold it

After contemplating for three months whether to sell it or not, finally, I made a go to dispatch it and thank God there is an interested buyer even if my laptop is literally obsolete and part of the forgotten generation.
But despite of its bad performance and my constant exasperation because of its primitive feature, I still feel a little bit sad of dispatching it, because it plays a big role in my writing life and my schooling and provided me comfort and sanctuary when I need to blob and release my emotional agony. It became the sole witness of my emotional turmoil and struggle to rebuild my shattered dreams. In the middle of the night, when the situation is unbearable and I just want to type words to release my bitterness, I just crawled in bed, pulled my laptop and composed journal entries. It pacified my spirit.

Well, I am not fussy and fastidious when it comes to electronic gadgets, I never bothered myself  too much on what might people think on my shabby gadgets, I am not overtly conscious with my standing in the society and I just want to live within my means. I am also very cautious in handling my things so even if it is the cheapest gadget on earth, it will last long in my hands..

...Now I am looking for a cheaper netbook..lol!

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