Going Home

At the start of Lent Season, I made a promise to practice some exercise of self-mortification, discarding temporarily some sort of luxury and fun. So I started eating simplest meals. During the day, I only resort to plain vegetables, fish, boiled eggs, fresh fruits and oatmeal. At night, I have nothing but Whole Wheat bread, fruits and hot green tea.

In my whole existence, I never put my self in a strict diet, though I ridiculously gained weight in my high school years, except for drinking Kalamansi juice before taking breakfast. 

I never practice any form of dieting solution, so eating simple foods is just a plain routine for me. For the past 10 years, I am eating healthy foods only, no softdrinks, no coffee, no excessive meat intake.

Last night while eating sea foods, I suddenly missed my life in the province, the joy, the laughter, the tranquility of the surroundings, the beautiful scenery at sunset and the magnificent sunrise near the beach. So I decided to come home this April, around Holy Week to be with my family and to breath the fresh air of the countryside.

Deep inside, I know there's something missing, I don't know what it is but beneath my laughter, emptiness yelled me at its loudest form. But I don't want to focus on it, I want to ignore it. I just keep my self busy with my studies and my writings.

I also missed my family and this summer is a perfect time to be with them and to enjoy the calm environment of the sea and the mountain.

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