People I would Love to Meet

If given a chance to meet world figures, I would choose them.

Pope Benedict XVI
When Pope John Paul II was still alive, not a day goes passed without wishing I could see him in person, until he died in 2005, that “chance” did not happen at all. Now, I am begging God once again to let me see the current Roman Pontiff. As a devoted Roman Catholic all my life (my family had long been serving the Catholic Church before I was born), nothing is more fulfilling than seeing the Vicar of Christ in person. Of course one of my earnest wishes in life is to visit Vatican City.

Stephen Hawking
He is often called as the last living genius, in the tradition of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday, that is in the world today. Hawking is a British Theoritical Physicist, Mathematician, Philosopher and professor, he published many theories, scientific researches and books, two of his famous works are The Brief History of Time and The Briefer History of Time. He teaches at Cambridge University in England until 2010.

Warren Buffet
He often dubbed by the world media as the most brilliant investor in American history, Buffet is the world’s third richest man according to Forbes magazine. In 2007, he was the richest man in the world but after donating 60% of his fortune to Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, he became number two next to his close friend, Bill Gates. Just like Gates, Warren Buffet declared that he would not split his entire fortune to his children but expressed his intention to give 80% of his wealth to charity institutions.

Mark Zuckerberg
The founder of Facebook is like any normal, ordinary human being, he is not your typical geek who moves like robots. He is simply a young man who wants to make the best out of life with his passion in technology. But what makes him different from the rest of us is his ability to create bigger pictures out of his hobby. That’s where Facebook, world’s largest networking site, comes in. I often wonder why other people with a degree in technology could not invent such thing like that? Because of his young age, according to Time magazine, he never bossed around, never complained with subordinates’ shortcomings and not fascinated with trendy things.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh
The husband of the current British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh is known in the royal circle as steadfast and moving ahead. He is famous of giving acerbic remarks to the people he find worthy to be lambasted in print, with his imperious character and sharp tongue, he earned a reputation of being arrogant. But Prince Philip’s arrogance is merely a reflection on his intention to run the British monarchy with dignity and respect. Ever since his wife ascended the British throne in 1952, the former Greek Prince had known to be the most effective guide of the British monarchy and the Queen’s comfort and strength during the monarchy’s darkest hours. He always make it a point to make the monarchy appear dignified in public, he wasted no effort in promoting the goodwill of his wife’s Kingdom. It was him who tried vainly to save the marriage of his son, Prince Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Steve Jobs
The chief architect and founder of Apple Incorportated. Steve Jobs’s innovation, often unsurpassed, continues to soar high in the world of technology. His sleek and intricate innovations often left unmatched. He is indeed a messiah in technology and because of his extraordinary skill he was named by Fortune magazine, together with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, as 2010 Person of the Year. His company is named by Fortune as the Most Admired Company in the World for three straight years.

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