Jack Dorsey: Twitter creator

Jack Dorsey is an American software developer who, together with Biz Stone and Evan Williams, founded Twitter in July 2006. Born on November 19, 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Dorsey graduated at Cornell University with a degree in Computer Science, Business Week dubbed him as “the best and the brightest” and Massachusetts Institute technology’s Technology Review recognized him as one of the outstanding innovators under the age of 35. In October 2008, Jack Dorsey step down as Twitter's CEO, he was replaced by Williams.

Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to send and receive messages known as tweets online with 140 character-limit hence called SMS of the internet. It is one of the most popular social networking sites in the internet among celebrities and professionals.
Dorsey revealed that twitter has a working name of “status”, until he and his co-founders, Stone and Williams, decided to make it similar to mobile pattern of sending messages where users can update their status anytime, anywhere. While searching for the name of this site, they thought of something unique where it captures imagination and mystery, at first they thought “twitch” referring to the vibration action of the phone, but drop it later because its packaging name is not attractive and appealing, until they settled in the name “twitter” which resembled the chirping of the birds. It brings fascination and the name itself exudes romance and playfulness. Currently, Twitter ranked 12th in Alexa page ranking of the most visited social networking sites.
Just recently, Dorsey created another platform called Square Inc. which designed to accept debit and credit cards on a mobile device. It is a small-square object that can be attached into iPod, iPhone or laptop. This mini-card reader is a revolutionary way of producing a paperless transactions as it will allow users to swipe their cards and then choose a certain amount to be deducted. The receipts and confirmation will be sent via text or email.

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