Centennial Celebration of Institucion Teresiana

I seldom attend “anticipated mass for Sunday” (Saturday afternoon mass, normally beyond 5pm) because I am completely aware that anticipated mass is only for people who cannot really make it on Sunday due to illness or very important commitment. But yesterday, I tried breaking the rule because I am afraid I couldn’t make it today as I have so many assignments and reports to prepare...hmmm maybe this is a valid reason..hehe

I arrived early, around 4:45pm so I just looked around and seated quietly in the front pew. It was brown out and the humid environment gave me discomfort and mosquitos seemed roaring around my feet. But it was a great one and felt like my heart was bursting!

The mass marked the centennial celebration of Institucion Teresiana, an international religious association. Archbishop Fernando Capalla celebrated the mass with some DCD priests and members of the Jesuit Community, Fr. Samson (the outgoing President of Ateneo de Davao) was there with Fr. Miley and Fr. Mann, the Jesuit Rector, members of the Institucion Teresiana were there. 

At the end of the mass, we were treated to a special video presentation of the brief history of Institucion Teresiana. This religious association is originated in Cavodonga, Spain founded by Fr. Pedro Povida in 1911 who was killed during Spanish Civil war in 1913, the association got its name from the Spanish saint, Theresa of Avila.

It was ended wonderful. I got home with a fulfilled heart and mind.

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