ImmuniPlus Traditional Herbal Drink Review

ImmuniPlus Traditional Herbal drink review

Have you tried taking this herbal drink? This is a ready-to-drink product and comes in a sachet. It tastes so good! Cool, refreshing, and delicious. It tastes like a snowbear candy and I love the menthol flavor.

I just discovered this product days ago while buying something in a drugstore. I was attracted to its pleasant packaging and the name is quite promising so I gave it a try.

ImmuniPlus Traditional Herbal drink review

ImmuniPlus Traditional Herbal drink review

  • Ginger - helps relieve colds, muscle aches, and sore throats
  • Spirulina - This is a superfood loaded with vitamins and minerals
  • Turmeric - helps fight viruses and relieves dry cough
  • Moringa - helps improve lipid metabolism
Brand Claim: According to the description of the product, ImmuniPlus Traditional Herbal Drink has the following health benefits:
  1. Improves metabolic energy
  2. Improves physical performance
  3. Improves immune system function
  4. Promotes tranquility
  5. Reduces stress
  6. Provides added viral protection
  7. Alleviates cold symptoms
  8. Promotes good skin
  9. Increases antioxidants supports
  10. Improves quality of sleep
  11. Supports mental health
  12. Supports weight management
ImmuniPlus Traditional Herbal drink review

How to consume this product: This can be bought per sachet or per cartoon. Each cartoon contains 12 sachets. It's a ready-to-drink product. Just shake well, tear the sachet, and drink. That's it! No need to pour into the glass or cup, no need to add water. Just drink it directly from the sachet.

ImmuniPlus Traditional Herbal drink review

My Review:

I love the flavor and taste of this herbal drink. The menthol taste is so refreshing, it feels like drinking a beverage in a peppermint flavor.

If you have tried the snowbear candy, it tastes exactly like that, which is great for people who experience nausea, headache, and abdominal pain. 

I also love the spike of turmeric and ginger, it helps relieve stomach upset and headache, and the feeling of nausea. It also helps stabilize my acid reflux.

I did not experience any discomfort, in fact, it gives me full relief after taking each sachet. The sweetness is just right to balance the menthol taste.

Here's how I take this product: one sachet in the morning after breakfast, and then pour another sachet to my green tea drink in the afternoon. 

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