Product Review: Old Town White Coffee in Hazelnut Flavor. Smooth and Luscious

It's another rainy day! But I love it. This kind of weather helps me pick up some momentum in writing. Rainy days refresh my mind to think of the good things, edit books, or work on my blogs. There's nothing more decompressing in life than hearing the rain splattering through the window. 

Rainy days make cozying up inside the house even more of a treat. And what's better there to do than have a steaming cup of coffee while making a den? It makes life smoother and easier.

Believe me, a den feels a lot cozier when there's a hot cup of coffee 😄 While most people drink coffee to help them pick up energy and fuel the day, I indulge in this stimulating beverage to set my mood for writing. 

As I breathed on its smooth aroma, some spaces in my brain open up, allowing positive thoughts to stream in, setting my mood to draft an article. 

Drinking coffee for me is more than just getting caffeine for a needed energy boost, but more on the idea of comfort it gives. 

The perfect balance of smoothness and bitterness in a coffee helped me to get through the rough day. And I always prefer the decaffeinated variety because it makes me feel less cranky and peevish. 

Here's a new coffee brand discovery I indulge lately!

Days ago, my sister bought a bag of Old Town White Coffee in Hazelnut flavor. There are several varieties of Old Town White Coffee but Hazelnut is the tastier variety.

I'm not a coffee addict, just a moderate coffee drinker. I'm more of a tea person, but this coffee really captures my palate. It's smooth aroma has a calming effect.

It also has a distinct taste and pleasant smell, smoothen by the succulent texture of hazelnut, so it's more chocolatey than having a piquant thud of a typical roasted coffee. And I love how the rich flavor of hazelnut blended well with the tangy characteristics of a brewed coffee.  

Old Town White Coffee Hazelnut is so smooth with less aftertaste of a sharp coffee flavor. It gives me a languid feeling of idling in a rustic den, while breathing on its sweet aroma.

Although I hate the milky taste in a coffee that tends to devour the natural strength of a coffee, this variety of the Old Town White Coffee is not super milky, its creamy texture comes from the natural nutty and earthy notes of hazelnuts.

Unlike commercial coffee brands in hazelnut flavor, which taste like just hazelnut fillers, the hazelnut variety of the Old Town White Coffee perfectly captures the natural texture of hazelnuts - delicious, flavorful, with slight notes of rustic earthiness - which give this coffee a decadent taste.

The rich taste and nutty flavor make this coffee a perfect companion to soften a busy day or give warmth during frosty weather. 

It makes the morning a little extra. And a busy day, a less stressful. Its luscious aroma helps me loosen up and decompress. It makes me enjoy the moment and appreciate the good things in life 😃

Each time I begin my day with a cup of Old Town White Coffee, it feels like I am sitting in a quiet village, far from the chaos of the urban life, sipping coffee, enjoying the weather while watching the world go by. It's so smooth and relaxing!

This one bag - 38grams - comes with 15 sticks. But remember to drink coffee moderately due to its caffeine content, FDA warns us that our caffeine limit intake for the day is only 400 milligrams - Read related article about this warning HERE

Old Town White Coffee is a Malaysian brand and currently available in 17 countries, mostly in Asia. It's available in major supermarket outlets in the country.

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