Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat Drama Updates in 2022

For a year now since The Long Ballad wrapped up, fans of Wu Lei and Dilraba are clamoring for another collaboration, however, as the second quarter of the year is approaching the final stretch, nothing is heard from their camps if a reunion project is possible this year.

They seem busy working on separate projects. Although surprises often come in the C-entertainment industry because most producers, and even home studios of C-Drama stars, never reveal inside information about projects they are discussing on the table until the booting ceremony takes place. 

It's super strange, but this is how C-entertainment works. Adding to the confusions are the myriad of water armies, melon accounts and internet trolls proliferating online, spreading fake news and misinformation just to generate traffic data to their pages, and confuse fans.

Wu Lei and Dilraba during their last photoshoot on April 27, 2021

Based on their respective profile MyDramaList, they have separate projects lined up for this year. Wu Lei is rumored to do a modern drama "Just Love" with a less-known actress. It's a sports drama, but nothing confirmed yet if Wu Lei will work on this project. This is just pure speculation.

He is also rumored to do a movie, Legend of Ne Zha, based on a popular Chinese hero, Ne Zha. As a child, Wu Lei already portrayed little Ne Zha in "The Legend and the Hero" with Fan Bingbing, in 2007. Not sure if this is the same storyline. 

He is currently filming, Dwelling by the West Lake, a family drama that tells the story of Mulian saving his mother from many roadblocks. It is a movie, so expect this film to be screened before the year ends.

While Dilraba is also rumored to do a sci-fi mystery series, Invader, which will reunite her with William Chan, her co-star in the 2014 Swords and Legends, and Taiwanese actor, Eddie Peng, her co-star in Sounds of the Dessert.

Invader is adapted from the novel, Mega Dragon and Tiger, which tells a story of a meteorite hitting the earth and three personalities will fight against each other to overlord the world. But it's been five months since this rumor circulated online but nothing happened or no updated report if this is confirmed.

Last year, Dilraba was also rumored to be filming, Ball Lightning, which did not push through, and no statement was released from her studio. Invader sounds like the same plot as Ball Lightning. So this might just be one of those rumors popping every now and then in the internet.

Speaking of William Chan, during the run of Swords and Legends in 2014, there was a dating rumor between him and Dilraba. The rumor, however, died a natural death after the airing of Swords and Legends, well, just like most of her dating rumors with her male co-stars in the drama she starred lol! 

Dilraba and Wu Lei in The Long Ballad

You know, C-fandom can be silly. Fans can be easily drawn to the characters of the celebrities in a drama and will bring the coupling into real life even if no relationship really exists between the two stars, just fans' illusion of them dating.

Currently, The Blue Whisper starring Dilraba and Ren Jialun is being streamed in Youku. Her Legend of Anle with Gong Jun might be aired in the third quarter of this year. 

She is currently shooting a new drama, "Prosecutor's Elite", which is a legal drama and she portrays a serious role here as a prosecutor. According to some sources, Prosecutor's Elite might secure an airing date this coming October!

So nothing confirmed yet if Wu Lei and Dilraba will have a reunion project this year. 

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