Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat Could Reunite in Another Drama Soon

The surprisingly strong chemistry between Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat in The Long Ballad created so much frenzy among fans, domestically and overseas, that clamor to give them another project to work on becomes louder the past months.

And it looks like their popularity as one of the hottest C-Drama couples did not go unnoticed by C-entertainment producers. 

Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat

Recently, it is rumored they will be working in a modern drama again. Though not yet confirmed due to its infancy of planning, it looks like GeSun CP supporters are winning the battle of request to see them again reunited in a new series.  

New Projects for Leo and Dilireba

It seems Leo and Dilraba have no time to rest this holiday season. Soon after wrapping up Legend of Anle for Dilireba, and Love Like the Galaxy for Leo, they will start grinding on another acting projects.

We heard that Leo will do a new movie, which will start filming this December and will end in March while Dilireba will start working on a new series.

Since wrapping up The Long Ballad airing in May, calls to reunite them again in another drama have been so intense. 

Leo and Dilireba in a modern drama

Though none has been released what type of drama they will star in, rumors have it that it might be a modern story. Which is better. 

The Long Ballad is a historical drama and we knew how much they appeared so good together in historical costume. 

They complimented each other's look and acting-wise they nailed their roles as Ashile Sun and Li Changge, I could not think better than Leo and Reba playing those roles. 

It suited to them and they looked pretty matched doing all those scenes of a slow-burn romance, they made us to crave more of their staring and hugging and sweet-talks.

So a modern drama is totally a different phase, an exciting atmosphere, and it makes fans so excited to see them doing all sort of stuff related to a contemporary life. 

It makes them more relatable to viewers. And usually C-Drama stars used their own voice when doing contemporary drama unlike in historical series that mostly their voices are being dubbed by someone else. So we would be likely hearing the real voices of Leo and Dilireba in their next project.

What I really love about Leo and Reba is that they're very authentic with how they treated each other in real life. They seem never sugar-coat their affection towards each other. And they looked so comfortable and at ease, teasing each other, laughing together.

Dilireba seems at her happiest with Leo around and she likes his sense of humor. And Leo seems so authentic with the way he treated her. He is so protective and attentive with Dilraba.

So rapport-wise, they are at their best and it clearly shows they treated each other special.

The dating rumors

And yes the dating rumors. Months after The Long Ballad went off air, Leo and Dilraba seem slowly slipping into more than friends level. 

Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat

There are reported sighting of them spending private dinner together and having secret meeting elsewhere. 

Something that's no longer surprising because the way they responded in interviews in April, they seem have real connection in private and have soft spot in their friendship.

We have heard also that Leo has been making some move to get closer to Dilraba as early as 2018, though he was still young at the time, he seems determined to forge a long-lasting connection with her.

Dilireba and Wu Lei in 2017 Harper's Bazaar photoshoot

They worked previously in a magazine photoshoot in 2017 and Leo was still barely 18 at that time. But friendships, when taking care very well, often blossom into close connection. And it seems that's the case of Leo and Dilraba's friendship.

Theirs just progressed into some deeper connection as time goes by. Leo gave Dilraba a bouquet of Eustoma flowers in 2019 on her 27th birthday. At his young age, Leo was so smart enough to select a meaningful bloom species to give it to Reba. 

And he had chosen the combination properly, like a grown-up man courting a lady. Purple, white and Pink, which symbolize purity of intention, nobility of purpose, expression of love and wish for an enduring happiness. Such an ideal guy.

The dating speculation reached a fever pitch when they were spotted using the same studio for their brand endorsement video shoot recently, spicing up rumors that indeed, they are spending time together.

Dilireba and Leo Wu rumored to be dating recently

Whether it was just a coincidence or there's some truth to the gossip, their camps had so far not confirming it. But one thing for sure, there's an aura of mystery between them. And the similarities of their activities lately, seem to give credence to the dating rumor.

Dilireba and Wu Lei spotted in the same studio

Whatever is that, we just wish them well and looking forward to hearing confirmation of their next collaboration soon.

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