8 Hottest C-Drama Actors Who Could Make Us Swoon Hard

The year 2020 has been quite a tough ride for everyone, leaving many of us trapped at home.

Even today, life still hangs in the balance, we're still not yet safe, going outside for leisure is still not a good idea. Thank God there are awesome Asianovela to keep us entertained, making staying at home a great relief.

Whether it's K-drama, C-drama or the more complex Western drama, watching TV series is always a relaxing escape in this uncertain time.

C-drama I'm obsessing recently

Lately, I am so obsessed with C-drama fantasy series because of its spellbinding production design, enchanting ensemble of talented casts who looked like mythical figures in dreamy costume design of ancient times.  I find it more fascinating and charming than the usual contemporary drama.

So along with this habit of doing Asianovela marathon comes the curiosity of who are these hottest dudes looking like demigods 😍 

Hottest Chinese actors today

Here are eight of them whose charming looks can really melt some stoic hearts: 💓

8. Zhao Yi Qin - Born on May 31, 1997 in Shandong, China, Zhao is currently studying acting at the Communication University of China.

Zhao Yi Qin

His acting debut in television was in 2016 via "Memory Lost". He is also in-demand in costume drama. He has been starred in a number of historical series like King Is Not Easy, Legend of Haolan, Fake Princess, Love Story of Court Enemies.

Zhao in Legend of Hao Lan

He is one of the cast members in the upcoming fantasy drama, Zhaoge, portraying the role of a dragon prince.

With his mesmerizing looks, Zhao Yi Qin begins to carve himself in the showbiz industry as a hot matinee idol.

7. Leo Lai Yi - I really like this C-drama actor who I first saw in The Flame's Daughter playing the antagonist An Ye Luo. 

Leo Lai Yi

Though I loathed him as a tormentor of Lie Ruge and Yin Xue, I soon to love and admire him when I saw him portrayed the more subdued but strong character, Zong Yue, in Legend of Fu Yao and as Dei Feng in Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom.

Born on November 29, 1990 in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China, Lai Yi obtained an acting degree from the prestigious Beijing Film Academy in 2011.

As the villain An Ye Luo in The Flame's Daughter

His television debut was in 2015 via Armor Hero, the same year he also made a film debut in The Witness, a crime thriller where he played the role of a rookie policeman. 

His rising popularity came through the massively popular xianxia series: Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peace Blossoms, in 2017, where he portrayed Die Feng, the senior disciple of Mo Yuan (played by Taiwanese actor, Mark Chao).

As the amiable Die Feng in the Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

He then starred in The Flame's Daughter on the following year, 2018, as the main antagonist, An Ye Luo. It was followed by Legend of Fu Yao where he played the mysterious medical practitioner, Zong Yue.

As Zong Yue in Legend of Fu Yao

In 2019, he was cast as the male lead of the historical romance drama, Jiu Liu Overlord. Lai Yi's upcoming TV series are Simmer Down, Love in Flame's of War, and Ancient Love Poetry.

6. Vin Zhang - Also known as Zhang Binbin, he was born on January 19, 1993 in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. He obtained a BA degree in acting at the prestigious Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Zhang Binbin

He made his acting debut in television series, V Love (2014) opposite fellow Jaywalk studio talents, Dilraba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao. He was also part of the cast of the hit series, Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom as a prince of the Ghost Tribe who is in love with Bai Qian (played by Yang Mi).

As King Yin Sheng (founder of Qin dynasty in China) in The King's Woman

Binbin cemented his image as China's newest rising star when he starred as a lead cast in three TV series in 2017 and 2018, all paired with Dilraba Dilmurat: Pretty Li Huizhen, The King's Woman, The Flame's Daughter.

As Zhang Feng in The Flame's Daughter

He is set to star in a crime thriller opposite Yang Mi, Storm Eye, scheduled for release in 2022.

5. Dylan Wang - Also known by his Chinese name, Wang Hedi, Dylan was born on December 20, 1998. Before joining showbiz, he was a 16th-level flight attendant at Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation.

Dylan Wang

All of it would change when he won a championship in "Sichuan Red Festival" in 2016. 

He made a breakthrough in the entertainment industry in 2018 when he was cast as Dao Ming Si (a role popularized by Taiwanese actor, Jerry Yan, in 2001) in the Chinese version of Meteor Garden.

Dylan Wang as Dao Ming Si in the 2018 Chinese version of Meteor Garden

Although this Chinese version did not reach the insanely popularity peak of the original Meteor Garden, it gave Dylan Wang a shot to stardom in Asia.

In 2020, he starred in Ever Night season 2, a fantasy drama.

4. Leo Wu - Born on December 26, 1999 in Shanghai, China, Leo Wu is a Chinese heartthrob who started his showbiz career at the age of just six years old. Girls make swooning hard over his charming looks and gorgeous eyes, making him one of the hottest C-drama actors today.

Despite his young age, he is already a multi-awarded actor and set up his own talent studio, Wu Lei Studio, in 2018. He studied acting at the Beijing Film Academy. 

Leo Wu also known as Wu Lei

He has been into many roles in television series, in which he excelled in acting, most notably in historical drama like Nirvana in Fire, The Romance of Condor Heroes, The Legend of Qin, The Imperial Doctress and the recently concluded The Long Ballad as the love interest of Dilraba Dilmurat.

Leo Wu portrays a tribal prince in Long Ballad

He is also a singer, a model and a TV variety host. Wu Lei loves biking and mountain hiking and he into vlogging, documenting his adventure pursuits and other interests.😍💖😍

3. Xiao Zhan - also known as Sean Xiao, this Chinese heartthrob is born on October 5, 1991. He is also a singer. He made his singing career debut in the Chinese pop group, X Nine.

Xiao Zhan

He studied at the Modern International Art Design and Chongqing Technology and Business University where he graduated in 2014. Before joining showbiz he worked as a photographer and graphic designer.

Xiao Zhan in The Untamed

He made his acting debut in television in 2016 via Super Star Academy. But it was in a fantasy drama, The Untamed, where he co-starred Wang Yibo, that he rose to stardom.

The Untamed is so insanely popular When it aired in 2019

The Untamed was so popular that it made available in NetFlix. It was one of the most-watched Chinese series in 2019.

2. Yang Yang - Born on September 9, 1991 in Shanghai, China, no doubt, Yang Yang is one of the hottest young actors in China today. He is a multi-awarded actor and singer.

Chinese heartthrob, Yang Yang

He made his television series debut in The Dreams of Red Mansions (2010), one of China's most expensive television series with a budget of US$17.55 million.

He attended dance lesson at the People's Liberation Army Arts College and acting at Central Academy of Drama, Asia's most prestigious and best acting school located in Beijing.

Yang Yang as a brand ambassador

In 2017, Forbes China Celebrity 100 ranked him 5th in the Most Influential Chinese Celebrities category.  

The same year he starred opposite Liu Yifei (Mulan) in the movie, Once Upon A Time, a film version of Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms where he played the main lead, Mo Yuan/Ye Hua (played by Mark Chao in the series version).

Yang Yang in Once Upon A Time

In 2020, he starred along side Hongkong superstar, Jacky Chan, in the movie, Vanguard. The same year he starred opposite Dilraba Dilmurat in the TV series, You Are My Glory.

Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat in
 You're My Glory

Yang Yang is one of the fewest celebrities who has a wax figure in Madame Tussauds museum in Shanghai and Beijing.

1. Wang Yibo - born on August 5, 1997, Wang Yibo is a popular Chinese actor, dancer, singer, TV host and a motorcycle racer. He is quickly becoming the latest craze among Asianovela fans.

Wang Yibo

He began dancing at an early age and dreamed to become a pop idol. He then went to South Korea to train and studied at Hanlim Multi Art School in Seoul.

He debuted in the entertainment industry as a member of the Korean-Chinese band group, Uniq.

Wang joined the acting industry in 2016 but it was in the 2019 mega blockbuster costume drama, The Untamed, that he rose to superstardom.

Wang Yibo in The Untamed

Today, he is China's most in-demand commercial model and brand endorser. He is currently appointed by the Chinese government as ambassador of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Untamed shot Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan to superstardom

Apart from dancing, singing and acting, Wang Yibo is into extreme sports as a professional motorcycle racer. 

Wang Yibo as a professional motorcycle racer

Since 2019, he is part of the Yamaha China Racing Team and has participated in the Asia Road Racing Championship where he won first place in the Rookie category.

Ever since his breakout role in The Untamed, Wang Yibo is the most-stalked celebrity in China. He took down his Weibo account due to insane obsession of fans contacting him. 

His talent agency even warning people to stop pestering him in phone otherwise they will be sued in court, in an effort to stop fans from obsessing towards him. 

Recently, Wang has drama series lined up for release. His latest starrer, Legend of Fei, is already available in YouTube.

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