A Letter To My 15-Year-Old Self: There Are Walks In Life You Have To Take Alone

We all have bad days. At times when things heavily weigh us down, we thought of just escaping somewhere to relax and forget what causes our despair. 

But we cannot gain anything from sulking over things that already happened. We need to pick up ourselves, move on and start fresh.

We have different ways how to reignite life and pick up what has been broken down and continue walking on the road of life.

Others seek company to boost their support system or go somewhere to de-stress and escape but I am more comfortable just staying at home.

Writing is a great therapy

A peaceful healing journey. It allows everything to soften and tone down. It releases emotional burdens and helps alleviate mental stress. It helps me get through life.

One of the best ways to heal ourselves through journaling is by scribbling a letter to our younger self. It allows everything to loosen up. The experience can be cathartic. 

Here's an open letter I wrote to my 15-year-old self at a time I thought the only way to understand myself today is to go back to my teenage years and process what I have missed.

Dear Younger self:

Dear Younger self:

By the time you are reading this, I am a generation away from you but I would like to share some wisdom I have learned in my adulthood so that you can live a more self-assured life with a sense of purpose. 

Put aside your fear and shyness, it would not take you anywhere. Don't be afraid to meet people. There are thousands of reasons why we met people on our journey. They are either blessings or lessons. But you must understand that not all the people we will meet later in life will stay with us forever. Some are just passers-by.

I see you spent too many weekends at home reading books, writing a diary, and listening to mellow music instead of going out and hanging around with friends.

You are inherently introverted and terribly shy. You dislike people. The crowd drained your energy. You detested the outside world. You are very conscious of how people look at you because you are afraid to be judged and mocked. 

It's okay, but don't stay there for too long. It will hamper your personal growth. You need to go out, you need to muster enough courage to define your individuality. That's very important so that you'll know how to go against the tide of life.

It's okay to cry over confusion. Teenage life is always a confusing stage of growing up. But the transition from being a child to a teenager to a young adult is fascinating. Lots of great anticipation to look forward. However, never get too excited that you'll rush into life.

Always make decisions wisely and be cautious.

I know you cannot wait to be an adult to experience life in a more liberating way. But don't get too excited about growing up and becoming an adult. 

When you become of age and understand the complex stage of adulting, you would wish you have slowed down a bit. 

Enjoy your childhood and your teenage life while still under the turf of papa and mama. Appreciate their love and care. They might never be around for too long. Someday, you will rarely see them when you step out into the real adult world. 

It's pretty scary to live in the real world of rush hour and chaos, you have to wake up early each day to go to work because you have lots of bills to pay. You cannot just chill all day at the seaside, you have to work hard to live and survive.

You must remember this, adulting is tough, but it will open you to many possibilities and new horizons. It will give you a lot of freedom to decide what you want in life and do the things that make you happy, but it is the same stage that determines how far you could go in life.

You need to understand the dynamic of adulthood and the reality of living independently. You need to focus on developing courage and making yourself a whole person so that you would not break under pressure.

Once you get out of college, the real game of life begins. You will struggle to find your place in this world. You will experience rejection after rejection, may it be in friendship, relationship, job, career, promotion, or the opportunities you are anticipating. 

You will move from one dead-end job to another dead-end job. And the venture is endless. You will not get settled unless you will define clearly what you really want in life.

So as early as now, you need to define your needs and wants and things that can make you truly happy. Someday, you'll understand it's not the type of degree you obtained in college that will measure your success and happiness in life, it's how you define your life's purpose and how you set your priorities. 

Always recognize your flaws and work them out. You need to get rid also your insecurities to define who you are. Always find meaning in all you do, that's the only way that can truly give you a sense of purpose in life. 

Always remember that you are going to make it through no matter how terrible life may seem. Life is not sedentary. It is a journey. An adventure. Make sure you make the trip enjoyable.

Don't be afraid to try. It is by trying that you will find out what things best work for you. And where you need to thrive as a person. It is better to try and fail than never try at all. 

Make decisions you can feel good about. And not because it's what society expects from you or what the people around you hope you want to be. Do not yield to pressures from other people. 

Live life the way you want it. Embrace the moment. Deal with the situation. Nobody else is going to do it for you, anyway. You are going to experience life's ups and downs. 

You will cry over things you thought you can never live without. You will pass through a series of failures as everyone else does, but you will learn from them.

You are going to stumble. You are going to trip over your own feet long after you thought you had it all figured out. 

You will meet people. Lots of them. But only a few will ever make it to your circle. Others will not stick around. There will be people who don't like you. But that's okay. Learn to accept it and don't get hurt too much. 

Someday, you will understand why they leave. Someday you will also encounter people who will stick around and appreciate your value, your worth, and your being you.

There are some walks in life you have to take alone. Some moments of isolation to endure. You have to go alone on your journey. No one will go to accompany you. But that's okay. 

You need to learn the rope of living alone. You need to embrace independence. It's the only way to survive the harsh storms that swarm on the road you will be traveling soon.

Walking alone on the road of life will make you a tougher, wiser, and more independent person. You will learn from the adventure. 

Walking alone is also an exciting journey. You will discover a lot of things about yourself. It will develop your courage, resilience, and wisdom. 

Don't stop learning. The more you learn, the more you appreciate the goodness of life, and the wiser you will become. It will help you find your balance.

Knowledge is power but wisdom is everything. Do not hate your vulnerability for it will teach you humility and the essence of being human. Embrace it. Accept it. And learn from it.

Pay attention to what hurts you. And stay close. Soon you will find what heals you. When life throws you down, consider it a privilege to show to the world how you will turn pain into joy and understanding. 

You have so much life ahead of you. Do not let your fear win. Scrape through it. And keep the faith. Don't be discouraged to try again despite undergoing failure after failure. Remember that it is through a series of failures that we can truly find wisdom.

Don't live in fear. Don't allow it to define your life. Don't allow it to hold back your life from living beautifully. 

When you go through difficult times, bank on your strength and resilience. You can get through it by focusing on the brighter side of life that one-day things will get better. Remember that difficult times never stay longer.

You will experience a mix of emotions. You will fall in love but not everyone will reciprocate your feelings. You will get hurt. Your heart will be broken by the very people you will love. But you need to learn every lesson behind the pain and the rejection so that it will protect you from being hurt again.

Life is a series of lessons that will define who you are. Learn from the experiences and use them as tools for your progress and personal growth.

Get rid of your inferiority complex by developing your confidence and improving your self-esteem. Learn to trust yourself. You are precious. 

A beautiful life ahead is just waiting to be explored. In the meantime, read a lot. It will take you further in life. 😊

Good luck,
Your future self

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