Remembering Sean Connery. The Legendary James Bond

Sir Sean Connery 

My name is Bond. James Bond. 

Who could ever forget that iconic line? It's the popular phrase uttered by whoever portrays James Bond, the legendary British spy, secret agent 007, in the film. 

For movie goers, each time James Bond utters that phrase, it means disaster. A bad omen of danger to follow. 

James Bond opening credit 

The phrase was  immortalized by Sir Sean Connery who first introduced the charming but lethal secret intelligence agent in the big screen via Dr. No in 1962.  

Humble Beginnings 

Born Thomas Sean Connery on August 25, 1930 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sean Connery however was raised in a humble working class background.

At the age of 13, he dropped out of school and trained in the Royal Navy. He joined the navy in 1946 but later left due to an illness. 

He eventually took many odd jobs, including milkman, coffin polisher, lifeguard. He also joined the Mr. Universe body building contest where he placed third.

James Bond

His stint in the body building contest paved the way for a modeling career and later theater. He ventured into film in 1957. And in 1962, he got his biggest break that would catapult him to global fame. The role of James Bond.  

His portrayal of a dangerous and yet charming character of a spy agent made him a household name. 

It began the legendary popularity of James Bond, capturing the world's imagination with its wit, charisma, and quickness coupled with lethal skills and appeal to women. 

Sean Connery set the stage for James Bond to become one of the most successful movie franchises in cinema history. And a hot, irresistible lethal movie character.

He would do six more successful spy thrillers of James Bond, making him the film icon and also the sex symbol of the 20th century. 

My name is bond, James Bond

The very first James Bond movie he starred was Dr. No in 1962 and the last one was in 1983 via Never Say Never Again. 

But his most popular James Bond films and also the blockbusters, were Goldfinger, From Russia with Love, Thunderball and Diamonds Are Forever.

The legendary James Bond personality of being smart, quick, charming and irresistible secret service agent whose suit seemed wouldn't stained even after plunging on dangerous missions, scaling buildings and jumping on cars, was molded by Sean Connery, shaping James Bond's image and fame to what it is today.

Sean Connery in Diamonds Are Forever 

For most James Bond fans, including me, he was the best actor to have ever portrayed the iconic, unforgettable spy role of 007 followed by Sir Roger Moore. 

He was full of charisma, appeal, wit, and conviction in his movie portrayal in all his films, and he can switch role smoothly without typecasting on a single character. 

From a dangerous secret intelligence agent who scaled high rising buildings to a witty father of Indiana Jones who embarked into an adventure, and to a mysterious investigating officer in the Entrapment, Sean Connery was a legend and a profilic performer. 

Sean Connery watching Tennis match 

In 1999, before the turn of the century, he was named The Sexiest Man Alive of the Century by People Magazine. In 2004, he was voted in The Sunday Herald as The Greatest Living Scot. 

He won an Oscar Award as Best Supporting Actor in 1988 for his portrayal as an ageing cop in The Untouchables. 

Sean Connery and his Oscar statuette 

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain Knighted him in 2000 for his service in the film industry, earning him the courtesy title of "Sir". His acting career spanned almost six decades, from 1957 until his retirement  in 2012.

His last big movie project I have watched where he reprised the role of a secret agent was in Entrapment, which he also produced, opposite fellow British,  Catherine Zeta-Jones. 

Lord of the Ring!

He was almost Gandalf! During the initial stage of developing a script of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sean Connery was first offered the role of Gandalf, the legendary wizard and leader of the fellowship of the ring in J.R.R Tolkien's book, Lord of the Ring. 

Ian McKellen as Gandalf

However, he turned it down. In an interview, Connery said he couldn't understand the script and the role, and the book. So he refused to accept it. 

It eventually went to fellow British actor, Sir Ian McKellen, and as we all knew it, became an iconic movie character as Frodo's protector. 

Imagine if he accepted the role of Gandalf in the trilogy? Then we would have James Bond who ventured into an adventure in the Middle Earth!

Death of a Century Icon

George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars who directed The Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Sean Connery portrayed the role of Henry Jones, the father of Indiana played by Harrison Ford, said that Sir Sean left an indelible mark in Cinematic history. 

"He will always hold a special place in my heart as Indi's dad". 

Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment, 1999

In October 31, 2020, he died at the age of 90 in Nassau, Bahamas, for an unspecified illness. He was survived by his second wife, Micheline whom he married in 1975, and only child, Jason Connery, from his first marriage. 

Sir Sean Connery was a film legend, a century movie icon, the one who set the stage for an iconic James Bond to be loved by movie goers.

Sean Connery and wife, Micheline

Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, paid tribute by calling Sean Connery one of the greats of Cinema. 

"Sir Sean Connery will be remembered as James Bond and so much more. He defined an era and a style. The wit and charm he portrayed on screen can be measured in megawatts. He helped create the modern blockbuster".

Sean in 2019 with son Jason and Irish musician, Fiona, the partner of Jason

May you rest in peace Sir Sean Connery, you will never be forgotten. Thank you for giving us unforgrettable film characters.

The Seven James Bond starred by Sir Sean Connery are the following:
  • Dr. No (1962)
  • From Russia with Love (1963)
  • Goldfinger (1964)
  • Thunderball (1965)
  • You Only Live Twice (1966)
  • Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
  • Never Say Never Again (1983)

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