What Circumstances Would You Say "It's Time For The Next Adventure"?

Physically and mentally, I am tired.

Tired of many things. Tired of the noise of the environment, of the circumstances. Tired hearing all these inconveniences of the world. Everything. 

The pandemic that's still gripping the whole world, the virus that seems cannot be stopped. The government that's so inept to provide concrete plans how to arrest the rising cases of the disease in the country. Everything.

And there's this personal battle I am still dealing about myself. Something that seems so endless. My struggle to stay put and be contented with what life is dishing at the moment.

Perhaps, I am someone who always aims satisfaction, fulfillment, peace of mind, stability, contentment, silence. Whatever is that. And I am still not getting it, despite giving it all. My effort still has failed results.

This time I would never say "Why is it that?".

I have changed my mindset. I have changed my style. When things go wrong and the decisions I made seem did not serve a purpose. My mind screams, "It's time for the next adventure".

But in what condition would we say this? 

In my part, when I have enough. When my current situation is hampering my life of happiness and peace of mind. It is not about giving up, or I am not trying hard enough. It is about moving on to the next chapter, it is about continue walking.

I figured, if I would allow myself to be stuck in a difficult corner or allowed myself to suffer, I would never know what awaits me on the next road.

So when things are no longer satisfying or never add value to my life, it's time for the next adventure.

I believe that we should never allow ourselves to suffer, we should never allow ourselves to live in pain, in agony, and unhappiness everyday. 

My God! Life is precious, everyday is what we make it, allowing ourselves to live in tears, suffering and misery, especially in the workplace, is just a wasted time

So when things no longer serve its purpose, and we just nailing ourselves in misery, it's time for the next adventure!

We live only once, we should never allow misery to take over our life. We have an option to be happy or to be sad, to move on with our journey or be stuck up in the road of life that's full of sufferings.

Life is a choice.

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