Path To A Dreamed Job Is A Long And Winding Road

Steve Jobs once said: "Your work is going to fill the large part in your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking, don't settle"

Indeed. In my career story, I have more than disappointment than contentment, frustration than satisfaction. Though I am aware that life is all about ups and downs, rise and fall, sadness and happiness, success and failures, I believe that staying where I am and tolerating mediocrity and apathy kills personal and vertical professional growth.

And it's a mess. 

I need to map goals to set my journey to the right direction. I need to make up my mind where I should sail. I may end up in a rough shore but at least I have tried. I should be in a place where I am appreciated and recognized my potentials.

After I obtained my masters, I moved to Manila against my parents' wishes. It is a dangerous territory and my parents were afraid I might not be able to cope up with the liberated, fast-paced environment. But I was determined to follow the path I have carved to define my individuality, to live a meaningful life.

I ventured into the corporate industry, in search for a career that could match my goals. I ended up in a BPO company. But it was strange, routine was impossibly frantic, schedules were erratic, it lacked work-life-balance and most managers lacked humility.

With a totally different culture, different framework of achieving a satisfying career progress, and self-respect,I became disillusioned. We're just being used, treated like machines more than humans, less compensated on what due to the role given. I've had enough.

I decided to take a chance applying in a university I have been eyeing for years. Thank God I got accepted. But forces of nature, beyond my control, intervened. Metro Manila was placed on Enhanced Community Quarantine to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. It was unexpected. All establishments were forced to halt its operations as public transportation were suspended.

Eventually, my start date was postponed.

It is being said that the ability of leaders can be tested when a crisis arises. A situation that would measure their level of compassion, sympathy and humility to the employees.

I requested an extension of my resignation date because based on social setting in the Philippines when there is a disaster, it is difficult to dive into the crisis without an employer. But the managers did not approve my request as if I am some sort of an obsolete machine worthy to be thrown out when no longer in use. As though I am bankrupting the company.

Such cruel, selfish and callous bunch of leaders who are insensitive to the situation. Unsympathetic bunch of leaders who only bend when things are favorable to them and their clients. I always have this notion that BPO managers are selfish who cared only what matters to their clients, and treat employees as machines.

They just proved it!

The circumstance justified my decision to leave that company which has been known to never think of the welfare of their employees.

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