Princess Elisabeth Turns 18!

The future Queen of the Belgians turns 18 last Friday, October 25. She was born as an eldest child of King Philippe of the Belgians and Queen Mathilde.

Princess Elisabeth with her father, King Philippe of the Belgians

In 1991, Belgium was the first European country to adopt the absolute primogeniture law of succession which granted the monarch's daughters equal rights to the throne and would no longer be pushed aside by younger brothers in the line of succession.

Three generation
Princess Elisabeth, King Philippe and King Albert II who abdicated in 2013

So when the princess was born in 2001, she became automatically her father's successor. In 2013, her grandfather, King Albert II, abdicated due to health reasons and her father ascended the Belgian throne. Elisabeth became the heir-apparent granting the official title, Duchess of Brabant.

The Belgian royal family
The King and Queen with their children: Princess Eleonor, Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel

She has three younger siblings, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel and Princess Eleonore. She is currently studying at UWC Atlantic College in Wales, UK for an international degree.

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