I'm Radiating with Positivism and Hope

It's a new day!

I am trying to cheer up myself to look on the brighter side of life to recognize my self-worth and my value as a person. So I get back to my writing hobby after buying a new laptop. 

I'm targeting to finish a new novel this year. I am also working hard on the revision of Tales of Royal Tragedies, adding new chapters with topics that I have not included in the previous editions. And hopefully remove all those unnecessary chapters.

And for the first time in my writing passion, I started working in the coffee shop to avoid sleeping in my room when laziness attacks. It works pretty well. The atmosphere of a coffee shop is not as chaotic and troublesome for a writer as I thought it would be.

I have discovered this unique comfort while working on the case study project. I was able to finish the work in less than two weeks and with three outing to a coffee shop. Cool! So perhaps I will be frequenting a coffee shop or any bistro place each weekend to finish this newest book project.

Yes, I'm more than okay now and a bit contended with life than weeks ago. I guess it's about fine tuning life's direction and figuring out what's best for me that spell a difference. After undergoing a weird struggle about dealing with emotions and trying hard to heal myself from a silent wound that I inflicted to myself, I am seeing life in a different pattern now. More vivid and radiant. 

It's amazing how emotional maturity and acceptance made a difference. Now, I know I am radiating with positivism and hope. I also stopped worrying things beyond my control. And just focus on my worth and what I am capable of doing as days progressed.

Happiness is a state of the mind, after all.

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