Bea De Leon: Powerful hitter plus pretty face

I am a sports buff. 

Sounds a little funny because I had never played any athletic games or gotten myself involved actively in sporty activities while still in school (I was very introvert when I was still growing up and would prefer a life of a monk than hang out with friends. I also dreaded school activities back then). However, when I become of age, my attention turned to athletic stuff. I love watching sporty events on TV and preferred it than soap operas.

I remember taking a leave from work just to catch the finals of synchronized swimming, women’s volleyball and equestrienne events in World Olympics. Unfortunately, however I was not able to catch up any of the UAAP games in the previous seasons due to work. I also spent my weekends in writing and country side escape for my Travel and Food Living blog.

After quitting my painfully tedious job in the corporate world and gone through job interview rejections each month, I decided to concentrate writing my first full-length novel, the Red Star Tattoo. I also gave up skimming the pages of job street and wasting my money on transportation expenses going to worthless job hunting and just spent days honing my writing skills.

While working on the initial chapters of the Red Star Tattoo, the leading female protagonist was nameless, by then half of my attention was glued on TV and found myself switching channel to channel every 30 minutes. 

Until, I landed in GMA news channel. It was the championship match between the PLDT Home Ultera and Philippine Army in the Shakey's V-League. I got the hang of it and continued until the succeeding conferences. However, it was the Collegiate Conference that really pinned my obsessive interest in volleyball. Got hook ever since.

Bea De Leon of the Ateneo Lady Eagles
Powerful middle blocker plus pretty face

One of the players that caught my attention due to her powerful blocking and spiking skills and really cute and pretty face was the towering Bea De Leon, who at first I thought a half-Korean charmer. It was my first time to see her took action in the volleyball court. 

I noticed her innocent, kiddy smile and really sweet aura so I began following all Ateneo matches (I am also an Ateneo alumna, I obtained my Master’s degree in Business Administration from Ateneo de Davao University).

I’ve also viewed all the games of the Ateneo Lady Eagles during the UAAP season 77 in youtube where Bea made her debut outing with the squad. And yes, I really like her style and attitude inside the court, I could see her commitment, her passion, and her enthusiasm to make things work every game. I like the way she pulled her strength, there was always conviction. She exuded so much dedication to her craft. 

Her intense expression every time she scores is evident, there's a burning desire to offer all she could give for the team. I often noticed her frustration every time she would miss a hit or would overshoot a serve. It only reflects one thing, she means serious business inside the court which is an amazing dedication for someone whose star is still rising in the field. 

Bea De Leon in the service line

Volleyball is really a physically-demanding sports and obviously, players have no time to fix their hair or even feel conscious about having no makeup, but Bea De Leon maintains her sweet face, her fresh, youthful glow does not diminish even after a hard day in the court.

I read few articles online about Bea and followed her on Twitter and Instagram, I noticed her playful and fun side, her sweet personality, her passion towards life and in volleyball and the way she exhibits love and care to her friends and family. I often saw her poking fun at her team mates, which really made me laugh, innocence is not yet over, it still reigns in her heart which is good because it means she has a vibrant and lively spirit, a wonderful friend to everyone and an awesome companion.

Her fun side is really fantastic. Why I like it? Well, maybe because I am also like that, I like frolicking around with my friends, and sharing laughter and stories of life. It relaxes everything and energizes a stressful and boring day. Bea is such a fascinating, charming girl!

And due to my awe and admiration towards this pretty phenomenal hitter, I decided to name the heroine in my book, The Red Star Tattoo, after her - Isabel Beatriz. Hopefully, I could give her a copy when my book will be fortunately published. Praying to God that one of the literary agents I am pitching now will notice my work.

I am hoping one of these days, I could meet Bea, talk about life and share stories and just have fun over food! 

Hello cutie Korean doll!
A charming young woman who maintains her fun side while exhibiting amazing skills in the volleyball court. I could see her passion towards volleyball in every hit and block she fired. She did it with compassion and dedication. 

I have never been a super fan of any celebrities in the past but now it seems I'm back to being sixteen admiring this oh-so-cutie, rising volleyball superstar in the Philippines! 

Bea is still very young and at 19 (she was born on August 2, 1996 Oh my God! I felt so old!), she has a long way to go in the volleyball field and no doubt, one great volleyball talent to watch out. I hope to see her in the upcoming UAAP season 78 women's volleyball tournament which I heard will start next year, January 2016. By that time I hope I could catch the games live (and yeah, root for Ateneo all the way) in the venue. 

At 5'11 (others would claim Bea is a six footer) with a slender physique and a gorgeous, cute face, she could be qualified as a ramp model and could be a stand out in a national beauty pageant. Talented, sporty, pretty and gorgeous, such amazing combinations.

Long way to go Bea! Your star is now brilliantly sparkling in the field you have chosen and I could see it flickering towards glorious days ahead. You are one great volleyball treasure that the country is having now and surely, a bright future is looming in your horizon, both in volleyball and in your personal life. Hoping one day I could see you taking your place among the giant billboards in EDSA endorsing a product :-D

Cheers to a shining volleyball career!

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