Workout in a humid environment

I am a fitness buff. I like wasting my energy doing complicated workout routines, in fact, I felt totally wispy when I cannot stretch my body. Everyday, I always make it a point to start my day with body stretching and a brisk walk. Back in Davao, my regular weekend routine was to sweat out in the People's Park, jogging and participating in a free Taebo, Kickboxing and Latin Dance exercises in the park for one hour. It made my weekend very complete.

I am trying to find time and opportunities to get back to this healthy weekend routine and although I am doing a simple workout routine every morning the past months, I am still planning to enroll in a regular fitness program in a gym.

Sweating it out in a warm Sunday afternoon

Last weekend, I had a chance to visit Quezon Memorial Circle and very thrilled to find out that there's an area in the park devoted for fitness enthusiasts. I was so excited to try some of the workout equipment installed in the area but was not fortunate to try everything as people kept flowing in and seemed no plan to release the equipment to others.

But it was nice! And I love to go back there one of these days to try all the fitness facilities, get back to jogging and hopefully can participate in the Zumba exercise. Whew!  

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