Things I want for my Birthday

Celebrating my birthday without a celebration. OMG! How can that be?

Let's make things straight. I don't like marking my birthday with a celebration, but I like celebrating it more quietly in a simple way -- attending mass/ offering a thank you prayer. This year, my birthday fell on Good Friday, so I am a bit lucky, aside from having all the excuses not to treat my friends (sorry haha!), it was the day where all Christians across the world commemorated the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ on the cross. I spent most of the day in the church and joined the parishioners in the procession at the conclusion of the Lord's Passion for two and a half hours! Yaaay! But it made my birthday a lot meaningful. I contemplated my fate in a deeper sense.

Each year I would buy myself something to mark my birthday, this year, it's different because it was Good Friday, a day where most Catholics would traditionally give up earthly things as a way of expressing a total self-sacrifice in the observance of Christ's sufferings. I opted not to buy anything for myself and stick with the tradition of taking a total self-surrender to commemorate Jesus's suffering.

But if you wanna ask me what are the things I've been longing to buy for myself this year. There are two precious things: Watch and Digital camera.

DIGITAL CAMERA. Any type and any brand. I am not particular with brand as long as it is 20 megapixel. This is a must for my blogging passion. I love nature and I love photography. I want to capture moments in history and I love snapping the beauty of the environment. So many stories to tell about the environment and the mother earth. I am also a travel blogger so having this camera with a higher megapixel is really a must! Oh yeah and it's fun to dream hehe!

WATCH. I love watches. There's something in watch that I find very pleasing. It's more than a time piece to me. It's a like a connection to everything in my surrounding. This is the only accessory that I am particularly obsessed. The above design is my super favorite. Hope I could find something like this in the market.

But despite having no material things for my birthday this year, I am very happy and thankful that God blessed me with a peaceful mind and a safe and healthy life, enough for me to be grateful with my existence. Life alone is a gift and waking up each day safe and sound is already a priceless gift from God.

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