Cotton is Sick Again

I'm so sad my favorite cat is sick again.

Cotton was born in 2013, few weeks after his birth, he and his siblings were ravaged with severe respiratory problems. 

Their eyes were badly infected. My sister and I could not understand their disease. We initially thought it was sore eyes due to the inflamed eyelids. 

We're not able to save the three kittens because that time we hesitated to bring them to the veterinarian. 

We wanted to save the remaining kitten so we decided to bring him to a veterinary clinic and we named him Cotton.

He was prescribed with syrup and vitamins. Everything was okay and Cotton grew up a healthy cat. 

I love the fact also that he is not choosy with food, he would eat every food we gave. 

I like his fur because it resembles the skin of zebra which I find very cute. Though he recovered completely, his one eye was not, it became permanently damaged. But he looked very okay as he grew up.

My favorite Cat, Cotton, is sick and I am so sad 
His face inflamed and the swell run down to his neck

Then yesterday while giving them food, I noticed Cotton's jaw was swollen but he appeared active and did not cease eating. 

This morning I  told my sister that the inflamed skin seemed worsened. I immediately checked online sources for remedies of swollen skin of cats and got antibiotic recommendations. 

Cotton's energy sunk. I gave him milk because he has a hard time chewing food due to the inflamed neck.

My beloved pet has a swollen face

I bought one capsule of Amoxicillin and administered the medicine by mixing it in the milk. Hopefully Cotton will be okay tomorrow. 

I am confident the antibiotic I gave will give him relief. He stopped playing and just slept in my bed. Haaay, so sad!

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