Recent Foreign Trip

My recent trip abroad opened up my thoughts to many things and provided me a whole new experience how to embark into a do-it-yourself-budget travel. I was able to cut cost big time on my travel expenses and came home with a wealth of experience.

With my two traveling buddies, Rowena Tagaan and Vangie Colastre

It taught me how to enjoy the trip despite the discomfort in the environment and taught me also how to appreciate simple things in other territories.

Vietnam and Cambodia are sorely misjudged, dismissing them as unworthy to be considered as ideal holiday destinations in Asia, but this is just misconception, actual travel experience will really teach you a different learning and discovery.

I am a budget traveler who enjoys nature, who finds comfort in the natural beauty of the environment and who prefers a laid-back surrounding and the cool atmosphere than the city life, amusement park and high-rising buildings. My recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia is a nice experience, because I saw beauty in the environment. 

It’s like stepping back into a different century with all those lovely trees, beautiful flowers, wild jungle, subdued environment, colonial buildings and ancient wonders!

We left Manila on New Year’s evening, January 1, 2015 at 11:00 in the evening and arrived in Saigon half past midnight. Our check-in time at Lan Lan 2 hotel is at 2:00PM so what we did was just slept among the lined up chairs in the airport until morning.

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